Friday, January 22, 2016

Blame It On The Cinnamon Rolls...Or Papa...Or Both!

Conversation with Papa earlier this morning....

Papa:  You know what?  We should make the cinnamon rolls again.

Me:  Yeah, especially since it's going to snow this weekend.

Papa:  And we have the ingredients.

Me:  Well, most of them...We need cream cheese and vanilla pudding.

Papa:  Okay, nevermi-

Me: (interrupting)  No no!  It's okay!  I'll go grab them from the store this morning!

So, yup!  It's Papa's fault for bringing up the cinnamon rolls!  LOL

Seriously guys, he makes the most KILLER cinnamon rolls ever!  (Like Cinnabons really!)  We normally only have them at Christmas time but, this weekend seems like a great weekend to do them again (as long as the power stays on!).

Anyway, crazy lady (me) went to the grocery store yet again this week!  (Someone needs to take my car keys!  I need to be stopped!)  And, grabbed a LOT more than just vanilla pudding mix and cream cheese. 

Why? Because I remembered things like...

Oh!  Papa wanted to try that new cookie recipe that calls for bread flour!  I should get that!
Oh!  G1 and her BFF (sleeping over tonight) love to make that sugar cookie pizza thing!
Oh!  We are out of hot chocolate and look it's a buy one/get one!
Ditto for the coffee situation at our house!
Look!  Papa's favorite cereal is buy one/get one free!
You get the picture!

 Here's the damage but I am putting it towards next week's shopping...Yeah, the shopping I said I wasn't going to do.  (sigh)  I am human.  I am flawed.

But, seriously I am staying out of the grocery stores next week!  I even threw all the flyers into the kindling pile for the fireplace.  LOL

Big Y:  $51.84

Bread:  $2.99
1 6 pack croissants
3 loaves of white bread

Dairy:  $6.69
1 dozen eggs
2 Big Y cream cheese blocks
1 lb Big Y butter

Meat/Protein:  $1.48
1 dozen eggs

Drinks:  $15.18
 2 Big Y K cup salted caramel chocolate
2 Big Y K cup coffee

Pantry:  $19.31
2 instant vanilla puddings
2 CapNCrunch cereal
1 5lb bag bread flour
2 jars of cake frosting
2 boxes cake mix

Snacks:  $5.96
1 bag of Reeses peanut butter cups
1 tube of sugar cookie mix

Taxes: $.23

On the bright side, there is a LOT of food to choose from in my house now.... Let the baking commence tonight and tomorrow!

Left in January's Grocery Budget:  $54 (approximately)


  1. I feel like I have to prepare for the end of the world every time we get stuck in the house with the snow and I start eating like we are hibernating. I think that I am going to be cooking like you. I should totally make cinnamon rolls!!! I know that we have some cream cheese frosting in the freezer so I am totally ready to make some of those yummy cinnamon rolls too. I would love your recipe. We like ours reheated so it is a shame that I didn't see this to make them earlier :) Thanks for the idea!!

    1. Papa's cinnamon rolls take all day to make but are so worth it! I'll post the recipe later today if I can. I don't remember exactly where I got it and need to reprint the thing since the paper it's on is almost completely destroyed! LOL