Friday, January 8, 2016

Ended Up Grocery Shopping...

But, in my defense, it was a pretty small trip AND mostly for Big Y Loss Leaders...

Here's the lowdown....

MONEY SPENT:  $51.07

Remember, my goal is to be at or under $7K for the year for all groceries, bath & beauty products, and pet food - which equals out to around $583/month.

BREAD: $10.77
6 count package of croissants
1 loaf of white bread
3 packages of English muffins
3 packages of croutons

FROZEN: $3.99
2 8 count boxes of hash browns

PANTRY: $5.89
3 boxes of scalloped potatoes
2 jars of spaghetti sauce

DRINKS: $11.00
3 6 pack bottles of Coke
2 bottles of Big Y brand sparkling water

MEAT: $14.43
3 packages of Perdue split chicken breasts
1 small container of seafood salad (for Papa)

3 bags of salad mix


All in all I am pretty happy with the haul.  I wish I had some coupons I could have used, but, honestly, getting to the store was a challenge in and of itself!

I plan on doing a larger trip early next week since ShopRite is having their "can can" sale.


  1. If you have a smartphone download IBOTTA, saving star and checkout51. Right now checkout 51 gives .25 on salad mix. Funds add up quickly.

    1. I had Saving Star and Checkout51 downloaded on my phone but deleted them because I ran out of memory (at the time) and it didn't feel like I was making any progress. that I cleared some 'crap' off my phone I think I can download them (and IBOTTA) again and try in earnest for a few months. Maybe I just hit them at a time where the offers weren't helpful to me. I'll let you know how it goes this time around! =)

  2. At least you made it to the store to get the deals...I usually think about it and then don't get time until the sale is over. Great trip and good luck with Ibotta and Checkout 51. I also found another one that deposits straight into paypal which is MobiSave. They have a few good ones. I got $0.75 with Ibotta and $0.80 with MobiSave with my last few trips to the store.