Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Gas, Garbage, and Cosignment


I'm sad to report that this will most likely be the last week I can get away with not putting gas in the car.  As a reminder, I haven't filled up the car since mid-November!  I am still right under 1/4 tank but I will probably go fill up later today.  My budget for gas this month is set at $30.00 (for just my car).  I should be able to meet this goal rather easily.


Four (13 gallon kitchen sized) bags of garbage this week.  A bit more than my usual 2 to 3 bags but we did have an extra person in the house and a little extra waste from larger NYE and New Years Day dinners.  On the plus side, our recycling bin (very large rolling bin!) is over stuffed!  It is only collected every two weeks and I guess all my diligence with recycling everything that I could has paid off!


I called the shop this morning and found that my account is still sitting at a meager $28.84.  (I still haven't cashed out yet)   The cute winter jacket I brought in a few weeks ago still hasn't sold!  But, I don't think many people have been thinking much about cold weather up here - Weathermen are saying this was the warmest December on record!  This week has been colder so far so maybe that will help the jacket sell soon!

And, there's the update!

Happy Wednesday!

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