Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gas, Garbage, & Consignment

It's Wednesday again so it's time for Oscar to make his appearance on my blog!  =)
Let's see how I did this week....


Remember how last Wednesday I said I was going to get gas?  I never did!  LOL  I spent the last week chugging along on that quarter tank (when I did drive that is)!  Crazy right?  Well, I HAVE to fill up today because I'm driving G2 to an extra garage band practice tonight since they have a 'gig' on Sunday.  The place they practice is about 30 to 40 minutes away so I KNOW I won't make it round trip on what's left in the tank. 
I'm too lazy to double check my past posts but I *think* it's been a little over two months since I filled the gas tank.  It's hard for me to believe that even happened!  And, I am quite sure this won't happen again.
Even though I have used Papa's car a bit more for in town errands, our overall gas consumption has gone down a LOT.  Papa usually tracks his own gas $$ but, starting February, I'll be tracking what he spends as well.
Budget for MY January gas is still at $30.00 and I should have no problem at all staying within this.

UPDATE:  Finally broke down and put $22.00 in my gas tank!


This week we had 3 (13 gallon kitchen sized) bags for garbage.  Our recycling only gets picked up every other week and the large rolling cart is about 1/2 full already.


As I wrote earlier, I didn't get to the consignment store yet with my Coach bag.  I also haven't called in this week to check my balance.  The store is closed at the moment so I have no idea if anything else I have left there has sold or not.  I'll have to call or drop in later this week.

So, that's where we stand on this freezing January morning!


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    1. I think I will be going the Ebay route! There seem to be quite a few purses at the consignment store already! =)