Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Guppy 1's Birthday

Guppy 1 had a pretty nice birthday this year.  At least I am fairly sure she did - who knows with teenagers sometimes right?  LOL

She LOVED her gifts....

A board game based on a Canadian show she loves
A poster of said Canadian show
A new PS4 Sword Art Online game
And the "big" one...
A digital camera with tripod, bag, cleaning kit, and strap

G1 has wanted to try photography for awhile now.  So, I did some research and got a deal on a camera that is a bit more complicated that your standard "point and click" but not so complicated that a newbie would want to take a hammer to it!  Haha!  After doing some research and reading reviews, I got a great deal on Amazon. Though I had to purchase the strap separately - which is weird because the camera came with a lot of other accessories - my bottom cost was right around $200 and no shipping costs.  (I have Amazon Prime and all of it qualified for free shipping). 

And, an absolutely NON frugal tradition we have is to buy something small for the other Guppy to open as well (even though it's not her birthday).  It's something we have ALWAYS done, but these past few years the gift for the non-birthday girl has grown smaller.  This year we bought Guppy 2 two long sleeved shirts with hoods that were buy one/get one for $5.  They are the same as one we got her for Christmas that she adores but in two more colors.

We went for what I have to be our last meal outside the house for this month.  We have spent far too much in this category!  Both Guppies love hibachi but we make it a "birthday" treat since it is very expensive (IMO).  We left the restaurant completely stuffed AND have huge leftovers for lunch today but still the bill (with tax and tip) came to $135.00!  Yes, that was too much for a family in our current situation to spend.  Yes, I would agree that it could even be considered "stupid".  My heart got the best of me here.  Guppy 1 had the most horrible sweet 16!  While most of it was out of our control, we weren't able to have ANY real celebration (besides her birthday cake and a few presents).
While there is no "making up" a meh birthday, I still tried anyway.  Did it completely erase her 16th? Of course not.  But she had a good birthday and that's important.  =)

Okay, enough justifying...


  1. Mama guilt gets the best us at times! Now you can practice what I like to call "ultra frugality" the rest of the month. :) And nothing says you can't have special meals at home. Homemade pizza with popcorn and a free Redbox movie can provide great memories...especially when the kids help prepare the meal.

  2. *best of brain works faster than my fingers ;)

    1. I am the biggest offender of the mama guilt! LOL And, actually, I am lucky in that the kids DO NOT want to eat out anymore this month! G2 actually told me that last night! LOL
      And you are right about making the memories without the dining out - we have quite a bit of frugal activities planned for the rest of the month! We have a ton of stuff DVR'd, Netflix shows/movies queued, a new board game that G1 got for her birthday, etc. And when they get "bored" of that, they still have a TON of gift cards to the mall they can use - which equals free entertainment in my eyes, besides gas to the mall. And they get more practice on budgeting their money/prioritizing purchases.