Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Guppy 1!!!

Today is Guppy 1's birthday!  She is my oldest and turns SEVENTEEN today!  Not really sure how THAT happened!  As cliché as it sounds, the time truly did fly by!

As per our usual tradition, I decorated the dining room with streamers, birthday tablecloth, and birthday accoutrements a la the local Dollar Tree this morning before she got up.

Tonight we will head over to her favorite hibachi place (LAST time we eat out for the month hopefully) for dinner.  After that we will come home for her favorite ice cream cake from DQ and open gifts.  (I would tell you what I bought but she sometimes checks my blog.  AND now would be the perfect time for her to check if she got extra curious!  haha!)

Sometimes I feel like she gets gipped a bit with her birthday being so close to Christmas.  Then last year's 16th was nowhere near sweet (thanks to her ex-boyfriend). However this year, I am fairly sure she will be super excited/happy about what she gets and should have a great day in general!

I'll do another post tomorrow about Guppy 1's birthday gifts and her day overall.

Have a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! Hope she has a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday to Guppy 1!!! Ahhh, I remember 17, TrayceeBee... doesn't it feel like it was just yesterday?!

  3. Thanks! And, absolutely Nathalie! =)