Friday, January 29, 2016

More Freebies....

from my best friend, aka The Freebie Fairy, of course!

My BFF had a lot of time on her hands this past weekend.  The snowstorm had her shut in all day Saturday (not something she likes one bit!).  To top it off, her boyfriend and their dog went to stay at his parents' house towards the shore to help with shoveling out since his father recently had surgery.  So, to keep busy, my BFF did what she does best...PURGED HER BELONGINGS.  =)

Here's the latest round of freebies from the purge and just because:

1 large leopard print vase (not my style at all so off to consignment it will go!)
2 new pairs of fluffy red slipper socks (kept for the Guppies)
1 pink sweater (neither girl liked, too small for me so off to consignment)
ANOTHER pair of brand new slippers (that makes a total of SIX pairs I believe!)
1 6 pack of bakery cupcakes
3 new Tupperware style containers
1 pack of sparkly hair elastics (G2 grabbed these)
2 new Philosophy lip glosses (each Guppy grabbed one)
Misc cables for Iphones/Computers (she can be a bit eccentric in her freebie giving lol)
1 multicolored pen (remember the clicky kind to change colors?  I didn't even know these existed anymore but I used to love them back in the day!)
Seasons 1 through 3 of Newlyweds Nick & Jess on DVD (She LOVES Jessica Simpson...Me? Not so much so off to consignment/Ebay)
Seasons 1 through 7 of The Gilmore Girls on DVD (Ditto the above...Off to Consignment/Ebay)
1 package of beef sliders
1 package of 4 premade regular hamburgers
2 more packages of frozen Brussel sprouts
1 seat cushion thingy (she has been buying/trying a lot out because of back issues)
A huge gourmet brownie (left as a "thank you" for letting her dog out while she worked on Thursday)
1 jar of gourmet jelly she had a teaspoon of but didn't like
1 container of OJ because the container was "too big" and didn't fit right in her fridge.  LOL

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. What fun. Like having the present fairy visit. I need a BFF like that. lol