Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Freebie Fairy Strikes Again!

My best friend, AKA The Freebie Fairy, struck again this week!

Honestly, I can't tell you enough how much I love her BEFORE all the freebies! As I have said, she is like my sister and I would do almost anything for her! Sometimes I feel badly for all that she passes on to my family but she says it makes her feel good to do it.  So, that makes it a win/win right?

Anyway, here's what she past on during the latest round...

2 pairs of brand new PJ bottoms (my size which I suspect she bought specifically for me but won't admit)
2 pairs of brand new soft slip on style slippers
1 refrigerator eye mask
4 night light bulbs (she can get a little quirky with her giving!  LOL)
1 very pretty ring holder (off to consignment since I only have my wedding rings which don't come off ever)
1 portable phone charger (which I will carry in my purse.  The Guppies would probably maim each other to get a hold of this!  Haha)
1 loaf of artisan French brioche bread
2 trays of her mom's homemade manicotti
2 containers of fresh Brussel sprouts
2 large heads of fresh broccoli

And, one more thing but I am holding off talking about it since it deserves a post of its own next week!

Any good freebies come your way lately?


  1. Well, I was going to say no freebies this week....but, I had a tenderloin dinner made for me last night by my son and his girlfriend. That was a lovely free meal. But I really do enjoy hearing about yours. And this week's was no exception.

    1. Free tenderloin dinner?!?! AND you didn't have to make it yourself?!?! I would say that is a humongous score! ;)