Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Odds and Ends...

I am thinking about doing these Gas, Garbage, & (now) Consignment posts every OTHER Wednesday since not much is changing.  So, here my last update about this until the end of the month.

I filled my tank last week for $22.00 and I am still and 3/4 of a tank.  With only two more weeks to go in January, I am very confident that I will be able to stay under my $30 budget for January.

Same old boring 3 bags.  This is part of the reason why I am nixing the updates every week.  Until I can get motivated to change this dramatically, it gets kind of boring writing the same thing week after week.

I'll have to report back on this later.  I am planning on cashing out my account later this morning and depositing the money into my checking account.  I haven't consigned anything of significance recently and, since I am going to Ebay the Coach bag, it's time to cash out.

Okay, with that out of the way, onto what else I have planned for the day.

Guppy 1 gets to sleep in since it's the last day of midterms and she doesn't have any - lucky kid!  However, Guppy 2 and I will be braving the cold air early than usual since she has newspaper club before school today.

After that I am heading to a local Starbucks to meet up with the one and only, Ms. Sandie from over at SavingMoneyInNewHavenCounty.  It's nice to have found someone in the blogging community that lives so close to me. This will probably be the highlight of my day!

I will cajole request that Papa helps me return the soda cans today.  They have taken over my car trunk and there are two more bags waiting at the garage door entrance!  It's past time!

While I will be at the store returning bottles anyway, I am going to use their CoinStar and cash out all my loose/found change.  I will take a quick peek and see what gift card deals they have but I am thinking I will probably be just cashing it out.

Since my bank is across the street from the store I will march my butt over there and deposit the CoinStar, consignment, and bottle money into my designated "2016 Found Money" account.  (I'll be sure to post an update about how much I have accumulated for January later on this week.)

There is a potential snowstorm being predicted for this weekend.  At first the weathermen were giddy about having everyone "stay tuned" because they aren't sure of the storm's track yet. But as of six am, they are saying that, while it will be a shoveling/plowing event, it is most likely not going to be as bad as originally predicted.   Still, I am thankful that I already did my main grocery shopping for this week - to be posted tomorrow - and won't be scrambling to the store screaming "Gotta get the bread and milk"!  Haha   However, I do think I am going to "splurge" and grab some kindling for our fireplace because the wood we purchased this year doesn't burn as easily as in years past.  Also, I plan on running to the dollar store to grab another deck or two of playing cards in case we get "snowed in".  Other than that, I think we are good to go for our first potential storm.

And with that, I am off to shower and get bundled up to face the cold!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a great visit! Who would think we have more in common than saving money and blogging. It was uncanny how much we have in common. Look forward to our next meet up.

    1. Me too! We will have to do it again soon! =)

  2. Hey! I want in!! We could have lunch or coffee at ikea - it's cheap & those cinnamon buns are big

    1. Sounds good! I gave you my email address awhile back on your blog....Do you still have it? =)