Saturday, January 2, 2016

The $191.88 TV Show...

Yes, you read that correctly!  After taking a closer look at my January cable bill, that is what we pay per year for one of our favorite tv shows!  Crazy right?

We love the show Penny Dreadful on Showtime.  Unfortunately our cable company doesn't offer any standard packages with this channel included.  So, yes, in a moment of insanity and weakness quite a few months ago, I added it to my cable bill to the tune of $15.99/month!  So, doing the math, our one little tv show costs us almost $200 per year to watch!  AND the show is only on for 12 or 13 episodes per year!

As much as I love this show, it's gotta go.  It's not worth the overall yearly damage to our bottom line. 

$200 pays for a month of vocal lesson for G1 (with a little to spare if it's a four week month!) or a month of drum lessons (with an overage of $40)! 

It's a (fairly) painless thing to do - especially since the next season isn't even set to air until "some point" this year and is only a nine episode season!  It's not like we are giving up our cable completely right now either.  Just one little channel and one little show...

And the difference in doing so seems well worth it in the long run.

Monday I will call the cable company and dump the channel.  Then tuck the $16 bucks into my savings account each month.

A much better use of our (limited) resources.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Smart! I did that with HBO and Game of Thrones. This year I will purchase the month the last episode for the season lands in and binge watch the rest with On Demand. It's worth the $20 to do that. As long as we keep cable tv - were thinking of pulling the plug on that in the new year

    1. That's a great idea! (about purchasing during the last episode month!) I may look into that as well now.
      It's about plugging all the leaks this year for us....

    2. We love GOT but refuse to pay for cable and since we bought the first 4 seasons on DVD or Blu Ray because we wait the full year AFTER it's been aired to buy the latest season when it comes out, we figured we'd rewatch the seasons together to remind ourselves of what has been going on. So we still haven't seen the season that aired in 2015 and have been trying to avoid spoilers all this time, lol. In a few weeks we'll start watching seasons 3 and 4 again right before we buy season 5. In the end, it's only a TV show so if we don't see what's going on right away, it's really not that big of a deal. (it kind of helped that we didn't think season 4 was that good, though!). A lot of times those shows will be available from the library too, although wait times might be long.

  2. does the show come out on dvd? that would be cheaper. I love Game of Thrones, but won't pay that per year to have HBO just to watch it. I have either borrowed the most recent season on dvd from library, or I keep my eye out when our cable company offers a free weekend and binge watch it. Last June or so I did the free 1 mo trial of HBO Go and watched the most recent season that way on my ipad, and then didn't renew the service. Good for you for finding that little money hog to get rid of.

    1. The DVD question is a great one...and one that I don't even have an answer for at the moment. It is something I should check out soon. Especially since we have Netflix and Amazon Prime! I'm not someone who needs to see every new episode the second it comes out - we had the new season DVR'd for about two months before we even started to watch it! but thank you for another awesome suggestion/possibility on how to "get my fix" without paying through the nose for it!
      And, yes, it is quite the little piggy money wise isn't it? LOL

    2. I just saw One Family's answer after I typed mine. We're of one mind, One Family! Traceybee, also you might want to check if any of your friends might have bought Penny Dreadful on DVD or Blu Ray and if they might consider lending it to you? My BFF's husband's always buys tons of movies and TV shows on DVDs and she always offers to lend me some when I see her but we only see each other maybe 2 to 3 times a year (she lives 45 minutes away) so it's not very practical. He's as territorial with his stuff as I am with mine. I want to lend her my DVDs of Homicide: Life on the Streets, we've talked about it for 2 years now but I always forget to bring them with me when I go see her!

      Do check your library, though, I bet you they have tons of stuff available.

      Have you thought about cancelling cable altogether? We get many over the air channels with our amped digital antenna and if you get a Roku or similar, you can get free channels or subscribe to individual channels too. I do know that they just started offering the Showtime channel and I want to say it's $12.99 a month? We had a free 30-day trial to redeem but I couldn't find anything that I'd really want to see.

      My kids go watch "The Walking Dead" at their dad's or a friend's since we don't get that either.

    3. Nathalie, I have considered cancelling cable completely since we do have Netflix. But (stupid me) I signed a two year contract and would have a hefty cancellation fee. Also I am pretty sure my whole family would mutiny against this idea!
      I am almost positive I can get rid of Showtime though since I "added" it on after I signed the package contract. I'll find out tomorrow! =)

  3. It's amazing what seems like a tiny bit each month adds up to in a year. We nixed cable 2+ years ago and never looked back. We have internet so we got an Apple Box for 100.00 (1 time fee) and have Hulu Plus and Netflix for a total of 16.00 a month instead of 87.00 a month we were paying. My son lives on his own and loves Penny Dreadful too. He just buys the season from Amazon or somewhere else. You have to wait a little longer but the savings can be worth it. Take care.

    1. Papa and I don't have that much of an issue waiting a little longer. Especially when I see how much money I could save! =) And, yeah, it does add up. I'm not one of those people who could cut out things like Starbucks because we don't do that kind of thing, but obviously we still have places to cut back/improve. =)
      Hope you and your family are doing well!