Saturday, January 16, 2016

This Week's Freebies

Lots more freebies happening here this week!

First one is Papa's.  He went to dinner on Wednesday night with some old colleagues - some still at the company, some laid off like him, and some retired.  These gentlemen were the ones Papa really liked/respected so (before knowing it would be free) I had encouraged him to go.  I knew he would enjoy getting out (and away from me LOL) and that getting in contact with some of them could help him network.  Well, one of the guys is from out of state and here for meetings so he decided to put the entire meal on his expense report!  So free food for everyone at the table!  =)

Second one is (sort of) Papa's too.  He had his unemployment "hearing" (fancy telephone call where they took all his original data AGAIN!) and they NOW decided they wanted a copy of his severance package paperwork.  Well, since we didn't have an electronic copy to email, we were going to have to fax it over.  Our public library was going to charge us TWENTY DOLLARS to fax the thing!!!!  My mom offered to fax it for us from her job for free.  So, essentially twenty bucks saved/stayed in our wallet.

Guppy 1 got a free doctor's visit...She got hurt while at work on Thursday when a kid kicked a ball into her face!  OUCHIE!  We had to pick her up from work, bring her to a walk in clinic and make sure her nose wasn't broken.  (It's not broken - just bruised. And she's okay.  It swelled a little but not black eyes so yay for that!)  Not the greatest thing to count as a freebie I know.  Also, before leaving work to get her nose checked out, they gave her two extra ice packs in case our wait was long.  These ice packs are the kind that you "break" to make instantly cold so they are a pretty cool thing to have for our summer hiking adventures.  But, still, I feel weird adding any of this in as "freebies".  =)

Now onto the bulk of the freebies, coming from the Freebie Fairy (my BFF).  I am now pretty sure that she is doing some of this on purpose because she KNOWS I won't let her specifically buy me groceries or anything.  And part of it is because she is freaked out that she gained a little weight over the holidays and is starting to do Paleo again now.  Here's what she passed on to me....

2 boxes of pierogis
2 packages of frozen Brussel sprouts (she says she didn't like the texture)
2 Special K protein shakes
1 package of organic ground beef
1 bunch of fresh rosemary
1 package Werther's candies
1 package of cupcakes
1 box of light brown sugar
half package of bread crumbs (left from her Christmas cooking)
half bottle of good olive oil (left from her Christmas cooking)

She also gave me a couple of gift cards with small balances she wasn't going to use up.
Big Y - $3.73
Walgreens - $10.48

Oh, and I guess the last thing I can count as a "freebie" is that my car began to do it's overheating thing again and needed the antifreeze lines "bled".  Papa was able to do this at home so no out of pocket money on car repairs!  =)


  1. awesome post! good for you and since you will be reusing the ice packs, i'd definitely count them as freebies!

    1. Nathalie, it's not even a reuse on the packs since we didn't have to break them open to activate the cooling agent! But, like I said, it's hard to count as freebies since it was at poor Guppy 1's expense! But, she's doing okay now so I *guess* I don't have to feel guilty! =)