Monday, January 4, 2016

Tracking Take Out and Restaurant Meals...

I am really struggling with coming up with a dollar amount that seems doable and plausible since I honestly did not track this expenditure one single bit last year! 

This month is going to be an expensive one eating out wise.

Saturday we took P to Pepe's in New Haven because everyone who visits the Northeast needs to have actual good pizza!  Haha!  Pepe's is considered one of the best in the country so off we the tune of $63.00 (including tip) for the five of us.  There were quite a few leftovers too so it wasn't quite as bad price wise as it sounds.

Sunday we took P to an awesome smaller organic grass fed burger chain called Plan B before the long travel day ahead.  Flight from Connecticut left at 4:55 and P wouldn't be back home until after 10pm!  Being the mom that I am, I had to make sure P was well fed before getting on the plane!  Plus we don't go to Plan B that often so I used it as an excuse.  LOL  That set us back $85.00.

Tuesday is G1's birthday.  I know she really really wants to go to her favorite hibachi place for dinner. Since we were unable to take her out for dinner on her birthday last year, I think she'll get her wish this year.  Thankfully, I was able to finish purchasing her birthday presents before the end of December so I have no more birthday expenses this month.

So yeah, expensive month eating out - all the more reason to keep grocery expenses down this month right?

What I think I am going to do, for now at least, is tally up our "eating out" expenses at the end of every month when I do my grocery recap. 

At least I am going to be accountable for 2016 - the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Do you track how much you spend on eating out every month? Year?  How much do you average?

Happy Monday!


  1. We try to keep our eating out expenses at $100. Honestly, it is a huge budget buster and rarely healthy. That's where the beauty of menu planning comes in to play. I know there are going to be nights that I am busy or just plain tired. Those are the times I use my crock pot or have a couple of frozen pizzas stashed in my freezer.

    1. I completely agree! And, this month is already a doozy budget wise. But I know we will have those "bigger" eating out months and will try to recoup savings in the "off" months.
      I need to dust off my crockpot - I haven't used it much this fall/winter since it has been unusually warm here. Now that the colder weather is finally coming in, I will start checking out my CP recipes again! =)