Saturday, February 27, 2016

Closing Out February: Eating Out Expenses

Okay, so I admit that I didn't do as well as I would have liked this month in this category.  BUT, it was also nowhere near the $346 (!!!!) that I spent last month either!

Here's the breakdown....

February Eating Out Expenses:  $117.00
(this month when I wrote down my totals I rounded to the nearest dollar since all change goes into my "found change" jar)

If you remember, we didn't go out to eat for Papa's birthday.  So where/when did we go out?

Almost half the expenses for the month happened on Thursday!!!

$19:  The Soup Girl for lunch (there were leftovers for an additional lunch for each of us)
$35:  1 meatball grinder, 1 eggplant grinder, and one medium cheese calzone (Plus delivery tip)
$8:  McDonald's Big Mac Meal for Guppy 1 because that's what she wanted

Yes, I know I should have had a better plan in place for when emergencies crop up.  For now, I have to feel the pain of looking at that number and realizing it could have been so much better.  And, though it may seem like an excuse, I really really was THAT tired Thursday.

Moving on to earlier in the month....

Breakfast for Papa and I at a little local hole-in-the-wall diner.

McDonald's for Guppy 2 and her friends once this month

Going forward I need to remember to write down the date as well as the place and amount.  I want to be able to analyze it and make sure there are no emerging patterns in the upcoming months.

How did you do with February eating out?

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  1. I didn't track it closely, but probably around $150. With our scheduled weekly take out night plus two sick kids, I'm sure it added up quickly.