Monday, February 1, 2016

Closing Out January's Grocery Budget

With the new month open us, it's time for me to close out January's Grocery & Eating Out numbers.


I did do one more small trip to the store last week for a few odds & ends.  Unfortunately, Papa threw out the receipts, thinking I was done with them.  He did ask if I had inputted them into my spreadsheet (which thankfully I had!) but then tossed them, thinking I no longer needed them.  I could be upset but, hey, he was trying to help clean up.

From memory, I know I bought:

2 loaves of Italian bread (one to freeze, one to go with soups for lunches)
1 dozen eggs
2 lbs of butter
1 bottle of Ken's dressing (for a pasta salad I made as an extra lunch option since I had some veggies to use up)

I know there was more but I just can't remember.

Lesson learned...Stay organized!  Or at the very least, keep your husband away from your "organized chaos"!  ;)

Anyway, my total spent on groceries this month was:


Following my new year's goal of being 7k or under for groceries, I am on track.  I do readily admit I could have done better but I still stayed under my self-imposed amount so I am happy about that. 

For February, I am aiming for spending around/under $350 for the month.  It would be a nice boost to do this but I am not making a hard commitment to this number.  We will see what February brings my way.

Eating Out:

Going into the month, I knew January was going to be pricey.  What I spent was a very A-typical amount.   Could I have cut some of these restaurant meals out? Yes but, frankly, I wasn't going to do that.  Guppy1's request for hibachi for her birthday was going to be honored.  I wouldn't have changed taken the family & P out during Christmas break.  These three meals especially weren't just about "food". They were about some quality time we had together, bonding, and just having a great time.  They were EXPERIENCES in a way - not just consuming food.  (If you have ever gone to an Hibachi restaurant, you definitely understand what I mean by that.)

Anyway, the total for eating out in January was:


Like I said, very Atypical!!!  For February, I only see one possibility for eating out and that is Papa's birthday.  I will see what he wants to do.  In the past he has opted for just cake and a nice meal here for the four of us.  (We tend to only celebrate the Guppies birthdays in a more grand fashion.)  I'll have to ask him what he feels like this year.  Even if he does prefer to go out, my eating out bill will be way lower than January's.

Happy Monday and 1st day of a new month!


  1. My grocery total for the month was $473.75. I wanted to keep it under $500, so I am pleased. Keep in mind that this included all three meals for four people all month long. My husband takes his lunch to work most days and my kids are homeschooled. We do coupon and have a great stockpile that is constantly revolving.

    I don't cook one night per weekend (this is a new treat I've scheduled for myself). One weekend we were snowed and iced in, so we did takeout a total of three times this month. We spent roughly $70 on that.

    Hopefully my grocery totals will be around $400 this month.

    1. Great job Stephanie! I am doing three meals for all four of us each day as well - the girls take their lunches to school or will eat when they get home and includes animals supplies for our dog, bunny, and hamster.
      I love your new treat of takeout one weekend night! I would love to implement that here too but won't be doing anything like that until Papa gets a new job!
      Good luck on keeping your February totals to $400 this month! =)