Friday, February 12, 2016

Dear Pharmacy Manager....

Yesterday I had to run to the pharmacy to reorder some prescriptions and update our insurance information.  Here is all that I wanted to say to the "pharmacy manager" ( with whom I haven't had much interaction prior)  that tried to help the employee helping me....

Dear Pharmacy Manager,

You have no idea how difficult it was for me to come into your store yesterday to update my family's insurance information and refill the prescriptions we need.  You immediately judged me when the sweet girl behind the counter asked you to help her change my insurance info to Husky (Connecticut's state insurance).  You rolled your eyes as you gave her the correct codes and just looked at me. 

At first, I tried to think it was just me.  You weren't actually judging me.  Maybe you were having a bad day of your own.  Maybe I was being overly sensitive because I was so uncomfortable regarding the state of my own situation.

Then, there was no question about it, was there?

You were angry that two of my prescriptions had already been filled and you were going to have to fax my doctors for new prescriptions because that is what my new insurance requires.  You sighed and acted put upon to have to do this. You made a snarky comment about how you were sure someone "like me" wasn't going to pay outright for my medication. I wondered to myself if you would have treated me like this if I had "regular" insurance.  Insurance like we used to before my husbad was laid off.

You didn't see the confusion/defeat in my eyes when you flat out refused to help and fax my husband and daughter's doctors for the new prescriptions.  You told me it was "too much" work for you to do and I needed to take care of it myself.  Yet, your business has done this many many times in the past thirteen years we have used your services.  Of course we had insurance that wasn't issued from the state then.

You further went on to give me a hard time when my daughter's card had an error in the spelling of our last name.  I hadn't noticed it before and it was clearly a case of mis-keying.  You treated me like I was trying to get away with even more than having the audacity to obtain medication that my family needs.

You don't know me, yet you thought you did.

You don't know that there are many services my family and I could utilize through our state but have declined.  You don't know that I had no choice BUT to be put on this insurance because that was what I was told when I tried to obrain regular insurance.  It wasn't even a question given our current financial situation.

You don't know that I am only filling those medications absolutely necessary and skipping the pricey MS drugs I used to take.

You don't know that my husband has worked for the past twenty five years straight.  And worked hard for that matter.  Day after day he is trying to find a new job and right our current situation.  We have discussed whether it would be viable for me to find a part time job given my own health issues.

You stared me down like I was a piece of garbage.  A pathetic moocher. 

You don't know how hard it is to be in our situation and, quite frankly, I hope you never have it happen to you.  But, if it does?  I hope you find people who extend more kindness to you than you gave me.


  1. Wow. Not only am I sad for you, but I'm angry as well. Is there any way you can move your prescriptions? One of our grocery store chains offers a $25 gift card for each prescription moved. That could be a win-win situation for you.

    Oh, and I'd definitely be calling and complaining about how incredibly rudely you were treated.

  2. I hope you actually send this letter, with a c.c. to the parent company. They need to know.

  3. Guys I am thinking about writing something...It was just awful! And, I KNOW most of the people who work in the pharmacy there! We have been going since we moved to this town 13 years ago! It just my luck that both the manager and tech that waited on me were new.

    I'm not going to lie, I am dreading having to return there to pick up our medications. I feel absolutely humiliated. My hope is that when I do go back (probably later today since I know some of the medications are filled) there will be familiar faces. Maybe I will mention what happened to them at the very least.

    The more I think about it, the more I think it is worth my trouble to switch pharmacies after this round of prescriptions is filled. Ironic thing is we have two chains in town - CVS & Rite Aid and each chain has two separate stores in my little town. While the CVS this happened at was super convenient (easy walking distance from my house), one Rite Aid is across the street from it. So, my decision now is do I change to the other CVS in town or go to one of the Rite Aids.

    Confession: I wrote most of today's blog post last evening. I was hopeful that I would feel a little better about what happened after a good night's sleep. Guess what? Sadly, I don't.

  4. So sorry this happened to you. Until a person walks a mile in someones shoes they should never ever judge. You never know someones situation. I have had medicare since I was 42 due to severe heart challenges. You'd think I committed a crime sometimes. They want to know why you don't have "regular" insurance or a supplemental insurance. They treat you like you are trying to get away with something. I worked from 15 to my early 40's so I wasn't just trying to live off others. It's so sad. Again I'm sorry you went through this. It is worth letting them know. If I was an employer I'd want to re-educate my employees on how to treat customers or let them go if they choose not to be kind. Take care.

    1. Thank you! And truly I am sorry you have had to go this type of thing too! I wouldn't wish it on anyone, seriously!

  5. That is such a drag they were pricks to you. You should send the letter to their corporate offices and copy the store manager at that location. No one should be humiliated because of what kind of insurance they have.

    1. Stay tuned! I have a follow up post that I am going to write for tomorrow about it! =)

  6. So sorry. This happened to me in Rite Aid once. At the time we had no medical coverage at all, and the pharmacist came out and said very loudly you have no insurance? Well how are you going to Pay for this? I just replied with cash and then I wrote a very eloquent letter to rite aid headquarters. Perhaps you should write a letter to whichever pharmacy headquarters you went to.

    1. That's awful! People can be so completely callous, I swear! I truly am considering writing a letter to CVS. I only say "considering" because of the information I got yesterday when I went back to pick up the scripts. I am going to write a post about it for tomorrow. =)