Monday, February 29, 2016

February Found Money

February was not nearly as lucrative a month as January!

Let's check how I did with the "found money" for the month:

Coinstar:  $8.88

My coin jar at home didn't get a ton of action this month.  Maybe it was because I did more swiping of our debit card than handing over actual cash?  Anyway, like last month, I opted for the E-gift certificate to Amazon and avoided the processing fee.  This "having an Amazon gift card balance" is really working out for me so far!

Bottles: $18.00

I don't know if it exactly counts as "found money" since I pay out the deposit when I go to the grocery store...But, it's definitely money I don't "think" about so I count it as "found".  LOL

Balance for Year:  $66.06

In case you didn't catch my initial found money report for January, I have a checking account that I don't use very often that had a low(er) balance back last month.  This is where I have decided to squirrel the found money (aka bottle returns) for the year. 

Not a great month for this report, but, it's still better than ZERO to report right?

Happy Monday!!!

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