Saturday, February 20, 2016

First Go At Environmentally Friendly Cleaning....

Wouldn't it be awesome if it looked like this?  LOL

A while back I posted about trying to find alternative cleaning solutions once my commercial stuff ran out this time around.

I finally got to making a concoction on Thursday night.

I started with the very very basic combination of:

Orange peels
1 quart of white distilled vinegar

Like I said, VERY basic!  LOL

Only trouble is I should have read the full directions way back when I first looked on Pinterest for ideas because this "recipe" has to sit for two weeks before use! 

(Truthfully, my guess is that all that waiting time is to make sure the orange scent infuses into the vinegar.)

I think I have enough old products to last me about a week so I may end up trying this batch earlier than suggested.

Does anyone use something similar to the above solution?  If you do (or have in the past), what is your opinion?

Happy Saturday!


  1. I've not tried it, but now I'm inspired to do so. Let us know how it works for you.

    The best homemade cleaner I've used is dawn and vinegar to clean my showers. It is better than any store bought cleaner I have ever used.

    1. Does it have to be Dawn or can you use any dishwashing liquid? The tub is always a PITA to clean and I would love to find something that made it easier! =)

    2. Everything I have seen on pinterest says to use the original blue dawn. Since that's I use to hand wash dishes, I always have it. (I have a huge stockpile of it from combining coupons and sales.)

    3. Well, I will just have to keep my eyes peeled for Dawn sales and coupons. =)