Friday, February 26, 2016

Freebie Fairy & Getting Back on Schedule...

I was able to get a decent (but too short!) night of sleep last night which has taken the edge of my exhaustion.  Guppy 1 is going to attempt to make it through the day at school today (thank you nausea pills!) so she can, at the very least, pick up/get all the assignments she missed this week.  I am hopeful that this weekend we can completely catch up on "life" and start next week fresh!

Anyway, the BFF (aka Freebie Fairy) did visit me again this week.

Here is the latest round of stuff....

2 small no name suede purses (1 hunter green and 1 navy blue...Will go to consignment but not sure if they will accept them since they have moved to mostly taking Spring/Summer stuff now)
1 light brown cashmere throw blanket (G1 scooped that up immediately since she was home when I got it!)

Freebie Fairy's live in boyfriend got some bad news at the doctor's office this week.  He needs to lose some weight and decrease salt intake because of high blood pressure.  So, the following freebie food is either "bad" for his health or is incorporated into a "bad" recipe...

1 full wedge of artisan cheese from Whole Foods (BFF cant remember what kind and I haven't tried it yet)
Soy Coconut Coffee Creamer (I think BFF didn't like it)
8 Granny Smith Apples (she bought a full bag even though she only need two for a recipe she made)
1 jar of Pepperoncini
1 box of Hazelnut & Cranberry crackers

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I am glad your daughter is feeling better. Mommies worry no matter the age of their babies! My 18 year old has pneumonia and I think he's getting well just so I'll quit hovering over him. LOL!!! :)

    1. I know, right?!?! Once a Mom, ALWAYS A MOM!!! =)

  2. Glad your daughter is feeling better! :)