Thursday, February 11, 2016

Freebie Fairy Goodies....Gold Disposable Pens?

The Freebie Fairy (My BFF) was at it again yesterday and dropped a small bag on my doorstep.  Inside was:

1 box of rigatoni pasta (she's gone Paleo again)
1 pair of gloves you can still text with while wearing (Guppies didn't want so into my growing bag of consignment stuff it goes)

a set of six gold colored Kate Spade ball point pens purchased for $25.95!
(Sorry I couldn't upload a picture of them!  I really tried!)

So, I gotta admit, I was curious about these pens!  What made them worth almost $26?!?! Honestly from the outside of the package, they looked like regular dollar store style ballpoints painted gold.  BUT, I love my paper and pens so I opened the package.  And was completely disappointed!  The "gold" on the outside of the pen was so slick you couldn't get a good hold on the pen to write.  The quality of the ink was just "meh", nothing special.  This is one I do NOT understand spending money on at all.  (Thankfully I wasn't the one out the money! LOL)
The question now is....

What the heck do I do with them beside stuff them in the back of my desk drawer for those all important "I can't find a single pen in the house" emergencies?

What do you guys think?  Do I try to consign these suckers? (I did use one to write a quick sentence to see how the pen wrote/felt.)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Consign them. People go crazy over anything Kate Spade.

  2. If the consignment won't work, you could use them as part of stationary sets. One of my favorite high school or college (I can't remember) graduation gifts was a set of personalized stationary. It made me feel grown-up and was so helpful to have on hand. A pretty pen would have been a great accompaniment.