Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Getting the Eggs!

Yesterday, the Guppies decided that they did NOT want to partake in Papa's orange birthday cake so they wanted me to make some cupcakes for them too.  No fear since I had more cake mixes and frostings in my pantry.  BUT...

We were out of eggs!  I KNEW I should have added them to the cart at Costco!  Oh well.  Papa (the sweet man he is!) offered to run to Big Y for me to pick some up since I wasn't driving in snow!

Of course having Papa go has benefits because he walked in, grabbed eggs, paid, and walked out.  Discipline people!  LOL  Something I don't always tend to have.


Big Y: $3.79
1 dozen eggs

Total Spent in February: $68.32
Left for February Groceries:  $281.88 (not that I am planning on coming anywhere close to using that much!)


  1. Replies
    1. Here in my neck of the woods they seem to be! Of course, when you need them it's even worse since you aren't able to shop the deals. =( Poor planning on my part!