Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hunkering Down

This weekend is supposed to be brutally in "life threatening" with wind chills 20 and 30 degrees below zero!!!!  I have a feeling we will be staying in all weekend long!

Yesterday I checked our oil tank and noted we were down to just under 1/4.  Time to make a phone call to our oil guy!  We were able to purchase 150 gallons for $217.50 ($1.45/gallon). This is only our second delivery for the season and we are doing LOADS better budget wise than last year!  We have spent under $500 so far on oil - thanks to watching our usage AND the price being so much lower!  However we will need to keep the thermostat up higher than usual this weekend so the pipes in our house don't freeze.  I'm okay with that because I think this oil delivery is WAAAYY cheaper than fixing broken pipes!

We will probably be spending most of our time in the family room this weekend with a roaring fire in the fireplace.  Yesterday Papa and I hauled a decent amount of wood into our garage so we wouldn't be forced to go outside more then absolutely necessary!  Also we have old towels lining the door to the garage and the sliders to the deck to keep drafts from coming in.

The dog is going to hate us but she won't be getting ANY walks this weekend.  It's just too dangerous to be outside for any true length of time.  She will have to do "her business" in the yard and do it quickly!  LOL  Guppy 1's hamster (who is now hairless thanks to having Cushing's disease, which is another story in itself!) has new bedding and toilet paper to make a nest in his cage.  I also have an old T-shirt covering most of the cage (there is about an inch at the bottom for a little air circulation).  Hopefully this will help trap heat inside the cage to keep him a bit more comfy.  Guppy 2's bunny has new bedding and a hut within her cage to keep her warm.  I do have an old blanket I can throw over the entire thing as well if necessary.

I will probably be doing some baking this weekend to help keep the house warm and give us something to do.  I haven't made a new meal plan yet but I am still decently stocked and can make meals with what I have on hand.

All of our cell phones will spend the weekend charging off and on in case the wind is bad enough to cause power outages.

And, finally, yesterday we double checked to make sure Papa's car could fit into one of the garage bays.  We will park it in there to (hopefully) ensure that the battery doesn't die from the brutal cold.

If you are in the midst of this nasty cold front too, please take care and stay warm!

Happy Saturday!


  1. We got the snow storm too!! We were going to go out but woke up to the snow already here!! I didn't make it to the store and it looks like we are at least delayed tomorrow with the clean up. The good and the bad of VA is that they don't know how to clear snow so the world closes and it takes days to get back to life. The bad is that I didn't go grocery shopping and I was super lazy this weekend so we have very little things made. Oh well!!! I guess I should be baking right now instead of being on the internet :)

    1. An old high school friend of mine now lives in Georgia and she said the same thing! No one knows how to deal with snow down south but that's because you get it so infrequently!
      Something must be in the collective air because I have been super lazy too! =)