Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm A Funny Lady....

Seriously I am!
Because guess what I did yesterday?



Another small grocery trip!

Papa and I had to drive a few towns away to go to the main branch of our bank - We have used this bank forever and it is closer to where we used to live 13 years ago!  I have never changed banks since I am too lazy we don't need to visit an actual branch very often.


We had to literally drive right by a Stop & Shop that I knew to be cheaper than ours here in town.  And, Guppy 2 was out of croissants -her grab n go breakfast.  Could she had made due without them? Of course but I am a worrier and noticed that she has sprouted height wise and gotten very very thin. While I don't think she is going down the eating disorder route that G1 did, my mom senses now severely panic when either girl looks underweight.

So, into the store we went.

Stop & Shop:  $35.79

Bread:  $11.97
1 6 count of croissants
2 packages of English muffins
1 package of Lavash bread (for sandwiches)

Meat: $6.59
1/2 lb Boars Head Honey Maple Chicken deli meat

Dairy: $8.93
1 lb of American Cheese (deli)
1 medium sized tub of whipped cream cheese

Fruit:  $.47
.97 lb of bananas

Pantry: $3.59
Store brand "bear" of honey

Animals: $3.99
5 lb bag of birdseed

Misc: $.25

Updated February Total Spent:  $228.53

Happy Thursday!

I'm off to get ready to meet Ms.Sandie to see her studio and then grab a quick lunch!


  1. Here's a suggestion. It seems you buy items based on impulse. No judging, I'm guilty of it at times. Make a list and send your husband to the store. I've actually turned over most of our grocery shopping to my husband. I look at all of the sales ads online, make my grocery list and menu plan for the week. My husband does a much better job of sticking to my list than I do. It has saved us quite a bit of money.

    1. It's actually not a bad idea to do that! He does a way better job than I do with sticking to a list and price matching too!

      While a lot of the above was impulsive, the items were bought for specific needs. Sandwiches for lunch, banana, honey,& peanut butter breakfast wraps, English muffin breakfast sandwiches. BUT, we could have most definitely survived without them!

      Maybe I do need to think about relinquishing control over the grocery shopping....

  2. Or giving me a running list and I tell you the best prices. LOL. Thanks for the visit yesterday, and letting me take you to lunch.

    1. Thank you so much!!! And, I plan on taking YOU out next! =) I will text you that list over the weekend...And I'm thinking maybe next time we get together we should bring our grocery flyers! I'm sure I can pick up some more tips from you! =)