Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Major Bump in the Medical Road....

Yesterday we hit an unexpected bump in the medical road.

My neurologist's office called to confirm that my new prescriptions were sent over to the pharmacy and to also tell me that I needed a follow up MRI and appointment with the doctor.  But...

He doesn't take my new insurance!

The person on the phone sweetly offered to work something out for me where I pay the doctor out-of-pocket for my appointment.  Ummm...If I could do that, I would NOT be on the insurance I have now would I?


I don't know if I can actually explain how important this doctor is to us.  He is one of the TOP NOTCH MS doctors here in Connecticut.  I have compared notes with several friends who also have MS and not a single one of their doctors can hold a candle to mine.  Plus Papa and I have a relationship with him that has developed over the past seven plus years that wouldn't be easy to replicate.

So, we are at another crossroads...

I am good for my lesser prescriptions now for 120 days.  But, after that, who knows? I think I need an appointment/visit before the prescriptions will be renewed again.

So I can hope that Papa finds a new job before then and we are back to "regular" insurance that this doctor accepts.

I could technically put off the MRI a little longer too.  Although my doc wanted this MRI now because he wasn't sure that my Copaxone (the expensive MS drug I stopped taking when our insurance ran out) was working any longer anyway.


The doctor's office did also offer to get me in contact with Yale New Haven Hospital and (I'm guessing) their MS center. (Which is bizarre because MY doctor is part of Yale so why doesn't he accept my insurance?)  But, I have heard lots of grumblings about this group at best...some horror stories at worst.


And, let's not forget this affects Papa too!

My neurologist is HIS as well for Papa's migraines.  And ninety percent of Papa's medications come from this doc.

It feels like we are living on borrowed time, medically speaking.

Time to do a little research I think.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Wish me luck!


  1. Keeping you in my thoughts today. I can only imagine how difficult this is. It is so hard to find doctors that you can feel comfortable with managing your care. It's not like getting an oil change for the car. I wonder if the business-end people of healthcare understand this.

    Make a cup of relaxing tea and try to not get too riled up while sorting it out today - you don't need to get sick from the added stress <3

    1. Thanks! Definitely trying to stay calm for now...and will ignore the situation the best that I can for the moment.
      The MRI will have to wait awhile because I just don't want to change neurologists yet. And I will see where we are when my 120 days of medication is almost out.

  2. I know a little bit about how you feel. I've been with my heart Dr. for 17 years and honestly if it wasn't for him and his caring attitude and his drive to figure things out since I don't follow text book cases I wouldn't be here today. You have a level of trust and knowing that they have your best interests at heart that you don't get with just any old Dr. I have fired more Dr.s when I didn't feel they had my best interests at heart. Maybe they can agree to work with you and charge a very reduced rate just to keep up the basic care and meds and put the MRI off for a bit. I know my Dr. didn't charge me one whole year because he knew I just didn't have it and my insurance took a while to kick in. (medicare) Then when you get work insurance again hopefully it will be something he takes. So sorry you have to go through this. I'll keep you in my prayers for favor from the Dr. and job / Insurance too. Take care.

    1. Thanks Crystal! It's so difficult when you have medical issues, isn't it?
      I have the 120 day script already filled with my pharmacy (and now home with me) so that buys me a little time while my husband continues to search for a job.
      The MRI is going to wait. Even if I could get it for free (which I think is available to me with the state insurance), it doesn't mean anything to me if MY neurologist can't read it/compare it to my previous. Yes, I am sure my records could get faxed to a new neuro for comparison but it's not the same you know?
      I may call in a favor to a neighbor down the street - I don't know her very well but she does work for my neurologist (I found this out way after the fact). If anyone can get to the bottom of what the office can do for me in my present situation it would be her. She tends to take good care of us when she's working and sees either of our names on the schedule. =)
      Hope you and your husband are doing well health wise.