Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pharmacy Update

Remember how I said I was dreading going back to the pharmacy?  Well, late Friday morning I got a little "nudge" from Guppy 1's doctor's office.  They called to make sure I was able to pick up her script and it worked out okay.  (Seriously I love this pediatrician and her office more than I can say!)  Thus feeling obligated, I ventured over to the pharmacy.

Papa's medications were ready.

G1's medication was ready.

Mine was no longer in the system....

WAIT?!?! WHAT?!?!

Yup, that witch who couldn't be bothered to click a button on her screen to fax my family's doctors for prescription renewals actually TOOK THE TIME TO PUT AWAY MY ALREADY FILLED MEDICATIONS!!!!

I was flabbergasted!  I mean, really, how malicious a person do you have to be to do something like that?!?!  I told the tech ringing me out that I had just been there yesterday and saw the manager with my prescription bottles in her hand!!  Nope, wiped out of the system.

The techs that were there yesterday weren't ones that I knew. (Well the one who told me there was nothing in the system I sort of knew but she isn't the brightest bulb.)


Out of the darkness....

(Yes I AM being dramatic!)

Came my ray of sunshine!

My all time FAVORITE tech was there!  And apparently she was promoted to a manager!  So yay!

I explained the situation to her and told her (calmly and casually since it wasn't her fault) how humiliated I felt and how the manager reacted.  She asked me for the woman's name but I didn't know of course.  Then, through describing her, she knew exactly who I meant.  She is from another store and was filling in that day.

And, guess what?

My favorite tech/manager said that she received a LOT of complaints about this woman!  Go figure right?

She apologized to me for how I was treated and how my medications were handled.  And, she faxed my doctor right as I stood there because it was literally looking up my name and clicking a button! 

I have enough medication to hold me until the middle of next week or so.  I'm confident NOW that the prescriptions will be filled by then...AGAIN.

So, I am kind of at a crossroads as to what to do next.  Since the witch doesn't actually work at MY pharmacy, why would I want to penalize them for her behavior?

But, she DOES work for CVS still and probably has done or will do this to someone else.

I think I want to still write some kind of letter since they keep records (obviously) and can track down the woman I am referencing.  She shouldn't be allowed to treat anyone like that! 

I will just have to find a way to not implicate my store, just her.


  1. Write corporate stating that is was a covering pharmacist from another location including the date and time that you dealt with her. Praise the regular staff. Corporate needs to know.

  2. I agree with Sandie - corporate needs to know. What if she treats customers at her regular store like that? That's not right.
    Everyone has a bad day but doesn't mean it's ok to be nasty to customers. Pharmacist or not when you work with the public politeness is key!

  3. I'll be working on a letter this week! You both are definitely right!

  4. Good luck with a response from corporate because it is horrible to have to deal with bad customer service. I think that I go out of my way to not have to deal with horrible customer service and already switched CVSs three times to get a better person to deal with in the pharmacy and the checkout as well as the stock. I hope that they give you some good response!!!

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