Sunday, February 21, 2016

Playing with the Dishwasher

In less than 48 hours I have seen three separate articles regarding saving money while using your dishwasher!

Okay, I get it!  Someone is trying to tell me something!  =)

Besides the usual tips we all know:

*  only run the dishwasher when full
*  don't use the "heat dry" setting
*  run the dishwasher duing off peak times if applicable

I found a tip that got me thinking....

*  Try using the "light wash" setting rather than normal


Now, I'm guessing a LOT of you already know/do this.  Me?  I am probably a little behind in the game here like usual.  LOL

Honestly, I love my KitchenAid dishwasher so much!  BUT, the normal setting does run a LOOOOONG time!    

I figured this tip could be extremely helpful to my electricity budget if it worked!

So far I have run two loads of what would have been "normal" cycle dishes (nothing too gunky/sticky) on "light" cycle and guess what?

The dishes have come out perfectly clean!

And, although I didn't time the cycle, I am fairly confident the dishwasher ran about half as long as before!

WIN/WIN in my book!  =)


  1. I have a Smart Wash setting that is supposed to determine water needs based on the fill of the washer, although I am skeptical. I do usually use it, although I think I might test the other options. One of my little buttons fell off (well, the vinyl cover) and I'm not sure if it was for a quick wash setting or not. I guess I'll find out!

    1. Laura, we don't have the Smart Wash option, although I would probably be skeptical of it like you too! =)
      Today I ran it again on the light/china cycle with some stickier dishes (one in particular had quite a bit of leftover honey) and they came out perfect. So, I am definitely a convert with using the lighter cycle now.