Friday, February 19, 2016

Reading Challenge Update

February has been a slower paced reading month for me. I know there is one week plus left to go in February, but I am not sure I will be finishing anything more off the challenge list. But, let's see what I was able to cross off....

2016 Reading Challenge

1.  A book published this year
2.  A book you should have read in school, but didn't
3.  A  book you have been meaning to read
4.  A book with an interesting cover
5.  A book you own but haven't read
6.  A book that received bad reviews
7.  A book with water on the cover
8.  A book in a genre you have never read
9.  A favorite book from your childhood
10.  A book by an author you have never read before
11.  A book that deals with an issue close to your heart
12.  A book "everyone" has read but you
13.  A book about the decade you were born in
14.  A book based on a true story
15.  A book set in the summer
16.  A book set in a country you wish to visit
17.  A Young Adult best seller
18.  A book that's longer than 500 pages
19.  A book that makes you smarter
20.  A book you can finish in a day
21.  A NY Times best seller
22.  A book about a culture with which you are unfamiliar
23.  A book with an apocalyptic theme
24. A book set during Christmas time
25.  A funny book
26.  A book with a one word title
27.  A popular author's first book
28.  A cookbook
29.  A book by someone with the same first name as you
30.   A book of your choosing

Read this month:

10.  A book by an author you have never read before
Dark Witch by Nora Roberts
Apparently Nora Roberts has written a TON of books - like I think 200 plus! and I guess most of them are romance novels (which would explain why I am not all that familiar with her!).  Papa and the Guppies bought this book for me for my birthday last summer (I think) and it's just been sitting on my nightstand waiting.  I'm not sure I would have wanted to read it had I known the author primarily does romance novels because I'm just not into those books.  This book, although had a bit of a love story weaved into it, was nothing really of that sort...
Iona Sheehan has never felt like she fits into her family.  The only relative she is close to is her "Nan" who tells her the story of the Dark Witch and how she is of the same blood.  Iona decided to sell off all her belongings and moved from the states to Ireland to seek her long lost cousins and learn more of her family's history.  While she finds what's she has yearned for all her life - a place where she truly feels like she belongs -, there is a price to pay for family and the secrets held beneath the surface.
My opinion is that this book is a solid 4 stars.  The biggest drawback I found is that there is no resolution at the end because it is the first book of a trilogy.  I am usually too impatient a person to wait for the next installment of a series - I started Harry Potter late but still had the excruciating wait of the last three or four books in the series to be published!  Luckily for me, all three of these books seem to already be published.  However, I will be looking for them in the library....not buying them at the bookstore.  =)

30.   A book of your choosing
The Scarlett Gospels by Clive Barker
I think I will be using my #30 "A book of your choosing" quite often during this challenge.  LOL

I am a HUGE Clive Barker fan and was more than a little excited to see this book in the library last week! It is the continuation of the story of "Pinhead" and his pursuit of power.  (Even if you have never read Clive Barker, you will recognize the iconic Pinhead from the "Hellraiser" movies which were adaptations of Barker's original book.)
I had high expectations and this book didn't disappoint.
If you are a Barker fan, make sure you take the time to read this!  If you have never read him but know/liked the Hellraiser movies, then definitely give this book a try.
I will end with this disclaimer though....Clive Barker books are an acquired taste and not for the faint of heart!

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