Friday, February 19, 2016

Still Nursing That Tank of Gas....

It's been so long since I put gas in my car, I had to look back on this blog to find the date!

On January 13th, I put $22.00 into the tank.  That is the last time that I gassed my car up!!

Yesterday, I drove my car to the next town over to meet Ms. Sandie and then run a few errands.  When I parked the car back in the driveway yesterday afternoon, the gas gauge was at 1/2 tank.

My gas consumption always goes down in the winter months because I hate driving in snow/ice.  But, this year I have driven my car even less than usual (and the weather hasn't been all that snowy until more recently).

Granted, having Papa home and being able to use his car as well as made a huge difference.  His car gets way better gas mileage and we have been under for his overall gas consumption as well by a TON - mostly from his not working unfortunately.

My new challenge is to try to make it until March 13th with the 1/2 tank I have.  But, I am not going to "cheat" and use Papa's car more than we have been.  I plan being mindful when taking the car out and try to batch errands/etc.

How about you?  Do you find you have certain "down times" when it comes to driving?  Or does your driving stay pretty much constant?

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