Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The $26 Band-Aid

This past Saturday Papa & I took a drive down to the indoor farmer's market in the city because I wanted to buy a small "Thank You" gift for my uncle.  (Two bags of gourmet treats for his dog which cost $8 total.)  We ended up getting a little lost since we don't go to the indoor market very often and found ourselves in a construction type area/road.  I casually mentioned to Papa that he should just turn around before we end up getting a flat tire.

Yup, you know where I am going with this....

Early that evening, I went to take Guppy 2 out and one of the back tires was so flat I thought the rim was ruined too!  And, I don't know if this just happens in Connecticut but the closest tire place to us (Town Fair Tire) is closed on Sundays!  So, we were operating with just my car this weekend.

Papa took the tire off so I could run it down to Town Fair Monday morning while he took a phone interview but I came up with a better plan...

Town Fair is notorious for not wanting to repair tires.  Quite a few times they have refused to plug a hole for us and told us we "had" to get new tires.  The two back tires on Papa's car are showing wear and do need to be replaced soon so chances were slim Town Fair would do anything for us but try to get us to cough up the money for tires right now.

So, I took the chance and drove literally around the corner to a little Mom & Pop style gas station to see if they would repair the tire.  The person who helped me (I am fairly sure it was the owner) was very nice, checked the tire right away, and noted that the tire was showing a lot of wear.  He did find the puncture and offered to repair it if I wanted - although they have a flat rate of $26 across the board and wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money....

I did it and bought us a little time on these tires. 

Out of curiosity, I also asked if they changed tires/how much they would charge me for two new back tires similar to the one I brought in.  I have to double check but I am almost positive this place comes in at or just under what we paid at Town Fair when we replaced the front tires.  Plus we could drop the car off on a morning, walk home, and pick it back up once it was ready in the afternoon.

I am not looking forward to spending $$$ on tires but we need our cars to be safe (especially Papa's since it is the "family" car).  We will discuss it more this week and probably have the tires done within the next two or so weeks.  I am heavily considering giving the Mom & Pop place our business this time around....

Happy Tuesday!


  1. We have a mom and pop place just like that. It sells tires, changes oil, etc. The owners are nice and the prices are cheaper than any chain business around here. They also have fresh eggs, honey, etc. They have a little farm out back of the business. Only in NC!

    How about having a "no spend" challenge to help offset the cost of new tires?

    1. That's so adorable that your Mom & Pop place is like that! =)
      I feel like my life is mostly a "no spend" challenge at the moment! Haha We have the money to spend on the tires (thank you income tax return) but need to make sure we get the best deal to keep as much $$ as we can in our bank account to help with the bills since unemployment doesn't cover much.