Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Seven Pound Chicken

At the beginning of this week, I was gifted with a seven pound chicken!  A friend bought it at Big Y for 68 cents/lb but realized there was no room in her freezer for this one because she underestimated her fridge and freezer space.  When she asked me if I could use it, you guys know I immediately said yes!  LOL

So, what did I get out of this large-ish bird?

  I initially made a lemon roasted chicken.  Then, after picking a lot of the meat off, I placed the whole carcass (including the lemon & sage in the cavity) into the crock pot with water to cook overnight to create broth.  I picked off the rest of the meat/skin in the morning and divvied it up between useable meat and meat/skin I would add to our dog's food to stretch it out a bit.  Some of the cooked meat (approximately 2 cups worth) went into the freezer for future use.  Then I set my sights on using up the remaining meat.

Here are the meals I got out of it (minus the stuff saved for my pup):

Roasted Chicken dinner for the four of us
Chicken Noodle Soup (6 very large servings worth!)
8 chicken enchiladas
Plus another 2 cups for a future meal (I am thinking chicken casserole)

NOTE:  We just finished off both the chicken soup and enchiladas last night for dinner since neither Papa nor I wanted to dig out the grill to make burgers (and I didn't feel like making them on the stove). 

Since I am feeding four of us, I am pretty happy with how far I stretched this one chicken out!  =)

Happy Saturday!


  1. Excellent. You did a fine job of using up the whole chicken, and at zero cost.

  2. That is awesome! Free and several meals worth :)

  3. I think you did a fantastic job!

  4. You did a great job of stretching out that bird!