Monday, February 8, 2016

Twenty Five Years of Happy Birthdays

Twenty five years ago I moved into off campus college housing.  My new roommates talked me into heading over to a party they were going to at another house behind us.  A very cute and charming boy came up to me and asked why I didn't have a drink in my hand.  After telling him I didn't like beer (it was a KEG party after all), he decided to find me a wine cooler because, as he put it, it was his birthday and he wanted everyone to have a good time!  LOL  Nice pickup line right?

It has been such a privilege to spend my life with Papa and be here to tell him every year since "Happy Birthday!".  We have had our fair share of trials (ummm...we are kind of in one now with the unemployment situation!) but I can honestly say I wouldn't have wanted my life to turn out any other way! There is no one else in the entire world I could see myself navigating through life with.  It may be his birthday, but I am the one who gets the present of having him as my husband, my children's father, and my whole world.

Today's celebrations are on the smaller side (partially due to cash constraints and inclement weather) but Papa never has wanted a whole lot either.

We will be having one of his favorite dinners tonight:

Rib Eye Steak (will just have to dust the snow off the grill)
with a duxelle of mushrooms
mashed potatoes
sautéed kale
sweet and sour beets
crescent rolls

And a homemade (well from a box! LOL) orange birthday cake with chocolate frosting.

The gifts proved to be a tad more difficult since, even in good financial times, he never wants for anything.  But, I was able to get him:

A Calvin & Hobbes phone case (free from Amazon since I have GC money left there)
A Calving & Hobbes book (free from Amazon)
A new long sleeved shirt from American Eagle (original price $34.99 but I got it for $12.99!)

Plus, I am going to tell him that I want to frame his signed Ramones poster (he's been asking for this for awhile now actually but I kept forgetting.) but I will have him come to Michaels with me to pick out a frame he likes.

All in all I am hoping it is a nice low key day for him! 

Happy Monday and Happy Birthday Papa!