Friday, February 5, 2016

What a Good Day!

Yesterday was such a great day for me, health and energy wise! 

I woke up feeling pretty darn good for a change and got more accomplished than I have in a very long time! 

I drove G2 and a friend to school early.
Then drove G1 to job shadow a veterinarian - she was more interested actually in seeing what the vet tech did as a possible career choice while pursuing her true calling on the side.
Papa and I went out for breakfast ($25 including tip) to discuss some issues regarding G1's vocal coach.
Then Papa and I took the pup out for a three mile walk!
We then picked G1 up from the job shadowing - which she loved!
I baked more peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
Then sorted through the leftover (free!) apples I got from my brother's trees late last fall, salvaged the ones that were still good to cook with and baked off a fairly large apple crisp.
I did a quick/light cleaning of the fridge.
I washed a ton of dishes rather than sticking them in the dishwasher since there weren't enough to run a full load.
I ordered a few small things for Papa's birthday on Monday - from Amazon so it cost me $0 since I have that gift card balance!
After hearing the HUGE change in weather forecast (we went from a coating to one inch of snow for today to at least three to six inches or more!), I ran outside and hauled some wood in for our family room fireplace since we congregate there during snow days.  =)  Papa was off picking up G2 from an outing so I decided to haul in the wood without him.
I still had enough energy to make dinner!  =)
I started a small shopping list of the items we still need to get for Super Bowl and Papa's birthday.
Papa and I took the pup out for another (shorter 1 1/2 mile) walk.
And, I spent some time with the family (watching American Idol because I LOVE Harry Connick Jr!)

While it may seem like a mundane kind of day, it was just the opposite for me!  It's been a good month since I have felt "normal" enough to ignore the MS symptoms that plague me.

Yesterday was the kind of day I needed to bolster my spirits!

The Guppies have a snow day today so it should be a fun, mostly relaxing day!

Happy Friday!


  1. Sounds like it was a fantastic day for all.

  2. Curious to hear about the coaching......but thrilled you had a good day

    1. I actually thought about texting you about it but I figured it would be better to explain in person. I'll tell you about it next week when we get together for coffee...It's quite ummmm...interesting? Haha!

    2. And, to anyone else interested...I'll explain the vocal coach issues once I figure out a way to describe it concisely and in a way that doesn't sound like I am "bashing" the coach too much. LOL