Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Filling March Pet Supply Needs....

As I said when closing out February's grocery totals, I knew that March would be a bit more expensive since we were running low on all of our pet supplies.

Here's how I did...

1.  Local Feed Store:  $72.11

Part of the recent discussion Papa and I had was about supporting local businesses.  I'm sure I could have save a few dollars (possibly more) by heading over to a big box animal supply chain.  However, this feed store is literally 1/4 mile away from my house and the workers are consistently very friendly and helpful.  Plus, we want them to succeed so someday there isn't an empty building sitting there.
I bought the following:
1 9lb bag of timothy hay  (So happy I asked about sizing because bigger bag equals much bigger break in pricing!!!)
1 2lb bag of hamster food
1 package of 9 hamster tooth chews and bonus treat log
1 184 liter bag of recycled cardboard animal bedding (this stuff is super absorbent and soft!!)

How long will these last me?
The 9lb bag of hay will probably last a good two months (hopefully three!)
The 2lb hamster food will last two to three months - We add other things to his diet as well which stretches out the time.
The package of tooth chews will probably outlast the hamster!  (Smallest size package they had though)
The 184 liter bedding will last approximately 6 to 7 weeks.

Stop & Shop: $9.52

Our nine year old rabbit will only eat prefers one brand of food that I have only been able to find (easily)at Stop and Shop as of yet.

1 4lb bag usually gets us through the month with some additional scraps (think lettuce & carrot tops) to stretch it out.

Total Spent on Pets for March:  $81.63

Total Left for March Groceries:  $368.37*
*to stay at or under my self-imposed limit of $450 rather than $584

Have a great Tuesday!

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