Thursday, March 24, 2016

Found Money Challenge..March Totals

Like my Reading Challenge yesterday, I am closing out my Found Money Challenge a bit early this month.  While there is a little bit of change I could cash in, a consignment box ready to go, and there are quite a few bottles/can I could return, I don't think it's going to feasible with the Easter holiday this weekend and a busy next week (nothing major just catching up on some stuff).  The good news about that is hopefully it will turn April into a lucrative found money month....Fingers crossed!

Yesterday morning, while out looking for items for the Guppies' Easter baskets, I knew I would be over near our closest Game XChange.  For those not familiar with this store, they deal in used video game consoles, games, IPhones, IPods, and DVD's.  I had around fifteen DVDs that the Freebie Fairy passed on to me so a stop in this store was needed.  I got rid of some clutter in my house and made $21.50 in CASH for my ten minutes of patiently waiting for the clerk to check and scan each item.  Granted, I could have made more if I had opted for their "store credit" rather than cash - I would have gotten $32.  However, it just didn't make much sense at the moment since the store doesn't carry many PS4 games - the system most utilized in our house.


My Found Money deposit for this month ended up at:

$24 - forgotten Christmas lottery tickets
$21.50 - DVDs to Game XChange

for a grand total of...


Total amount of Found Money for the year stands at...


All in all, not too shabby!  =)

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Woohoo! That's a great way to recycle for kids gave tons of Ds games.....I should run them over to the one near tgeir school.

    1. It's probably worth the effort - at least I have always had good luck with them. They consistently offered more on video games than Game Stop has for me. =)