Friday, March 18, 2016

Frugal Things Friday

Here's a list of some of the more frugal things that happened this week!

1.  G2's bunny has used the same water bottle for the nine years we have owned her.  The other day the part that controls how fast the water flows out broke/wore out.  Instead of running to the pet supply store to buy a new one, I remembered that we had an old one in the basement from G1's old rabbit cage.  I rinsed it out and it works perfectly fine!  I saved at least five bucks here and re-used something that was just sitting in the basement!

2.  In order to stay motivated to drop some pounds, get healthier, and NOT have to buy an entire new warm weather wardrobe, I download a free IPhone app called Zombies, Run!  So far I love it! And, for those wondering, you don't have to run - you can walk too.  LOL  There is a "paid subscription" option for the app that will unlock extra "features" but I haven't needed to do that to enjoy myself.

3.  While cleaning off the desk in the living room, I found an old $20 check for G1's birthday (back in January) from her great-aunt!  I told G1 about it, signed the check as her "parent", and put it in her checking account. Not necessarily a frugal win for me but she was sure happy about it!

4.  Also, while cleaning the same desk, I did find a bunch of scratch off lottery tickets from Christmas that Papa and I completely forgot about! (My parents give little stockings with scratch offs as part of adult Christmas presents.)  They ended up being worth $24!  I went straight from redeeming them at the store to depositing them into the bank.

5.  My menu plan has gone completely screwy this week and I just didn't feel like trying to scramble and cook last night....But, I ended up doing it anyway rather than ordering take out.  I made what was supposed to be Wednesday's dinner - Puff Pancake, Sausage (instead of bacon), and Homefries. Easy enough for me, everyone was happy, and I kept a little bit of money in my pocket!

6.  I am STILL nursing that tank of gas from back in January!  Although I am now down to about 1/8 of a tank.  Before I pick G1 up from school today, I will (sadly) have to go fill the tank.

7.  As I mentioned before, I am trying to wean myself off of soda but have to do it slowly because of the caffeine.  Last time I was at Stop & Shop, I noticed that the Crystal Light caffeinated flavor packets for water were on sale!  I grabbed two of them.  Yes, I did spend a little money BUT it was a much cheaper output that if I had to buy the same amount in soda.

8.  In doing laundry this week, I noticed that a few of our towels are worse for wear.  I made a mental note to keep an eye out for sales but literally later on that day my best friend dropped off another "goodie bag" which had three brand new towels in it that she decided wasn't the right color!  It's like she has ESP because I certainly hadn't told her I need them.  =)

9.  I renewed a few library books online and avoided late fees.

10.  I put back a magazine that I almost bought while waiting in the grocery store check out line and opted to wait and borrow it the next time I go to the library.

And, that's it for this week I think!  How did you do with your frugal things?

Have a great Friday!


  1. Woo Hoo!! Tons of frugal wins!! The time change has thrown my whole week off in terms of everything- going to sleep, waking up, doing dishes and making dinner. I have made it through the week so hoping for a better week next week. I think that getting anything on the table is a win!! Congrats on a frugal week :)

    1. I hear you about the time change thing! I'm not sure why I didn't crash this time around when the clocks changed actually! LOL