Friday, March 11, 2016

Guppy 1's Cardio Visit....

First off, I feel very fortunate to live near Yale New Haven Hospital.  I have had nothing but positive experiences at both the regular and children's hospitals.  My only complaint?  I have seen the inside of the children's hospital way too many times!

Guppy 1 had an EKG yesterday which the doctor deemed "okay" after looking at it.  She said it slightly hesitantly (even Papa noticed that) but I'm not jumping to any conclusions as to what was going through her mind...It might have even been something good like she was expecting too see something but didn't...

Anyway, G1 was sent home with a "halter" - basically it's five electrodes stuck to her chest and plugged into a tiny device that counts down the 24 hour period she needs to wear it. In the simplest of terms, it's a 24 hour EKG test.  When she comes home from school tomorrow, we unhook her -she can't wait as the electrodes are itchy!, drop the device into the FedEx box they gave us, and wait a week for the results.  So, if all goes well, we should hear from the cardiologist by next Friday.

Good news is that doctor did say that the pain G1 was feeling didn't sound like "cardiac" pain.  As you can imagine, we were all relieved to hear this!  It does sound like she is leaning towards G1's anxiety causing a lot of the issue but, obviously, decided to rule out any heart abnormalities - especially since G1 has anorexia in her history.

The timing for the G1 wearing the halter couldn't have been better, IMO, because this morning (while it's still recording), she will have her two most stressful classes - Math because she's like me and hates math PLUS there is a student teacher in for this semester that G1 does NOT like and American Lit, because while she does like the subject, the teacher is a BITCH in plain English!  I feel really guilty saying this, but I sort of hope that she has a little bit of an "episode" with her symptoms during these classes because we can see if there is any correlation.  If the EKG came out clean after that, then we can be almost positive the symptoms are stress/anxiety related.  I don't want G1 to be uncomfortable but I would love to get to the bottom of this too, you know?

So, that's where we are at on this Friday morning!  How are you guys?


  1. I had issues like that as a teen. It ended up being anxiety related, but also related to caffeine. We always had soda in the house and once I stopped drinking anything with caffeine in it, I was much better. No more heart episodes.

    1. Happy to hear that yours went away and you were able to find the source of it!

      Also, good thinking about the caffeine! I would say that could definitely be an issue but we got both guppies off caffeine awhile back...G1 used to love coffee! Since we all get migraines, we have only decaf soda in the house....Well, except mine since I have an addiction to diet cherry coke and that doesn't come in caffeine free! Thankfully no one else likes this flavor! LOL