Thursday, March 17, 2016

Guppy 1's Test Results Are In....

Late yesterday afternoon we received a phone call about G1's 24 hour heart holter EKG results...

Everything came back normal!

I cannot even begin to tell you guys what a relief that is given her past history with anorexia!

Now we know the symptoms she experiences is most likely anxiety/panic attack/stress induced.  Hopefully now that she knows she's not having a heart attack/dying, she can focus on some techniques to help lower the anxiety and gain some control over the episodes when they occur.

I truly think this reassurance will work wonders since, ironically enough (or not) - she hasn't had any chest pain/heart skipping/tingling since we went to the cardiologist.  Now Papa and I have to keep the momentum going in reminding her that she is okay!  =)

A couple of things have happened this week to help the positive energy in G1's favor too...

On Monday, we received a letter about her PSAT/SAT scores qualifying her for AP classes (Her past teachers have opted not to put her in them this year due to past performance issues.  She is a smart kid but doesn't like to jump through the hoops our high school requires) and possible dual enrollment - if I read this correctly - in high school and college classes.  When I showed her the letter, she laughed and said it was a little too early for April Fool's.  And, while we don't plan on pushing her to try any dual enrollment classes, I know that it made her feel really good to get some positive reinforcement that she is indeed intelligent.  Again, 95% of the high school teachers G1 has had through these past three years just haven't understood her - which is actually okay since it's a good learning tool for G1 as well.

Then on Tuesday, she received a text from her boss at the YMCA telling her what a great job she is doing and to keep up the "good work".  Her reaction to that was  telling us that "hell has officially frozen over" since her boss very rarely ever doles out the compliments. LOL

So, that's where we stand now with my Guppy 1! 

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's going to be a lot easier moving forward knowing there isn't an underlying heart issue.

  2. Now you can all take a huge sigh of relief. I have anxiety at times and I use essential oils to help relax me. I don't use the high dollar ones, I order from Amazon. It might be worth a shot with your daughter.

    1. What a great idea! A friend of mine had sent me samples a while back for a bout of insomnia I was having...I never ended up using them and one was lavender (which is supposed to have a calming effect). I think I will try that one first on G1 ...Thank you for the great idea!!!

  3. YEAH!!! So glad to hear that everything turned out not to be serious but still anxiety is a tough one!! Good luck with all the relaxation :)