Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Interviews Galore!

I haven't talked about Papa's job search in awhile so here we go...

Papa has had quite a few interviews - both over the phone and in person - but no job offers as of yet.  My best guess is that he has seriously applied for around 65 positions already!  To say it's frustrating would be putting it mildly.

A lot of times, he is way over qualified and is rejected immediately.  Other times it's salary requirements - a job offering 1/2 the salary he made for the same amount of work isn't feasible and the companies hiring know it.  And, then there seems to be a new phenomenon where the hiring company wants exactly what they are asking for...a person with experience on their exact system in their exact field - which isn't a reasonable request given the many different computer systems out there.

Anyway, it's hard to get excited now every time Papa gets a nibble.  We are both kind of over the hoping/speculating over every prospect and just let Papa focus his time and energies on the interviews now.  He has two phone interviews today and then a full day in person interview on Friday. 

I have faith in Papa and his abilities...However, I am getting worried about how this is affecting his psyche.  He has had no less that ten interviewers/recruiters tell him what impressive credentials he has, which you would think would be good right? But, I know it's weighing on his mind as to WHY no one has scooped him up yet.

I keep saying the right job hasn't come along yet.  I know it's out there...I just wish it would hurry up and find us!  LOL

Until then, we are plugging along.  Bills are being paid and things are still manageable at the moment.  Once the end of April comes, we will have reassess our situation and think about withdrawing some money to continue to keep up with life.

But, we will cross that bridge when we get to it and only if we have to do it.

Please send any good thoughts/mojo to Papa on some success on these interviews this week!  Hopefully one is the "right" one.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. What changes at the end of April?

    1. Unemployment will continue until the end of June but it still isn't enough to cover our monthly bills...unemployment just barely covers the mortgage. We have enough money to float the cost of everything else until the end of April. At that point we will need to draw on other funds, which we have access to do but it isn't ideal.

    2. The fact that papa is still getting interviews is encouraging! Keeping my fingers crossed that the perfect job comes along for him.

  2. My husband spent months out of work (luckily he had a great package from his job so we were still getting money) but he waited and didn't take a just okay job and the perfect job came along. I feel like it is hard when you are worried that there isn't another one around the corner. I hope that he is patient and waits for the just right job for him because it is totally out there!!!

    1. Thank you! And I agree and keep telling him that we are okay and to keep looking for the "right" job! Believe it or not, with the money we do have access to, we can probably float until the end of the year - which is good but I would much rather he find a good fit sooner than that because I know he is getting a bit stir crazy as well being stuck in this "holding pattern".