Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mall Excursion....

Guppy 2 has a birthday party for one of her best friend's tomorrow and we need to buy her a present still.  So, off to the mall we are ALL going (a reluctant Papa included). 

The Guppies have gift cards that they haven't used since Christmas, and since all the spring/summer clothes are out, I want them to take a look around.  Top priorities on the list are bathing suits since they ALWAYS wait until the last minute and can't find the styles they want and some shorts for Guppy 1 since (after looking in what we have still in storage) she has one usable pair.

Before anyone thinks I am completely crazy going to the mall and buying clothes while Papa is out of work....

My parents have given me a little money towards these purchases as they have always helped buy clothes for the Guppies.  Added to this, Guppy 1 is planning on bringing her debit card should she find anything past the amount I have to spend for her.

Guppy 2 is already working out in her head what she can purchase so she will be going into today with a plan as well.

If we are careful, a lot of the Guppies needs should be filled long as they can find things that they like!

Happy Saturday!

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