Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Wonky Washer....

As I brought down yet another load of clothes to wash, I realized....

I never did an update on my washing machine issues!

Remember how about a week or so ago I posted that the washing machine wasn't  "spinning out" the clothes correctly?  There wasn't any water left in the tub but the clothes were soaking wet.  The spin cycle had been hit or miss for quite awhile and I knew it was going.

The day before Papa was to dismantle the washer and check the belts, I was desperate (and didn't feel like lugging our clothes to my parents' house!) so I tried to wash one load.  And, guess what?  The spin cycle worked again!  So, I tried another load...It worked again!

Weird, right?  Papa still wanted to take it apart, but I wouldn't let him!  LOL

A week later, the machine is still doing its thing..although I am "babying" it by doing medium and large loads only.

However, it is obvious that we are on definite notice that it is going to need some sort of repair/replacement in the not-so-distant future. 

It's just so hard to let him dismantle it and be down the washer!!

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