Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Odds, Ends, & Thursday Can't Come Fast Enough

This is me but not quite so happy.....

It's only Tuesday but I swear it feels like it SHOULD be closer to the weekend already!

You know those days where you feel like you are in constant motion but not getting anything done?  Yeah, that's me for the past few days.  And, now add to that a bad night's sleep - muscles cramping in my back, hips, and legs because of the MS - and I really feel useless.  (((sigh)))

Today is the half day for Guppy 2....She is going over to a friend's house straight from school so I don't have to worry about the dreading "walking into town" and the principal's attempt to enforce not being able to do it.  At least for this time around....I'm keeping my ear to the ground regarding not only what happens today (when I'm sure some of G2's other friends will be trying to use that freedom) but also the continued backlash the school is receiving about it.  There are some pretty upset parents here at the moment.

After buying some new Spring/Summer stuff for the Guppies over the weekend, I (stupidly) decided to take on doing the beginnings of the clothing switchover.  WHAT A MESS I MADE!  Basically I am going through Papa & my large closet to weed out clothing we don't want/wear anymore and then putting away about half of the Fall/Winter stuff since it's still early to ditch it all.  Right now there are three full laundry baskets of stuff I still have to tackle at some point - hopefully today.

Thursday is Guppy 1's appointment with the pediatric cardiologist and it just can't get here fast enough!  She's had her heart "listened to" twice in the past two weeks (once for a sick visit two weeks ago and once last week for her annual "well" visit) and neither doctor heard any abnormalities.  Yet, they are happening... A LOT!  She has been texting me from school this morning about it and I have been trying to keep her calm the best I can.  She is up in the guidance department right now as I write this in her anxiety/stress management group so I'm hoping she will feel a little better afterwards.  In the paperwork that was mailed to us regarding the cardio appointment, there was a blip about the potential of being sent home with a 24 hour heart monitor device.  While I am fairly sure they will be suggesting this, Papa and I WILL be asking for it if they don't offer it for some reason!  The biggest reason I worry so much that there is something "wrong" is because of the anorexia Guppy 1 had for two plus years.  I have read that it can cause long term problems with the heart.  =(  Please send positive vibes that she's okay!

I have been avoiding totaling up my grocery receipts... I know I went over already for the month!  Honestly I don't have a single excuse for it - It's happened and I need to regroup to minimize the amount of total damage for the month.  What I DO know is that my budget works BEST when I take the time to input the receipts as they come (No Brainer there).  Like I said, regroup time!  I will take this task on and blog about it by Thursday am....I don't want it hanging over my head come Thursday so I can focus on Guppy 1.

I guess that's what is going on here.  Gotta snap out of the rut and mood!

Have a great Tuesday all!

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