Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Plans...


We will be up and running around very shortly on this bright and sunny Saturday morning!

Papa and I are running down to the Farmers Market.  We decided to try the dairy stand and are loving it so far!  Papa really enjoys their yogurts and now, after trying it last week, we are hooked on the milk as well!  The quality is superior and it is extremely important to us to support our local farmers.  Win/Win in my book!

After that, we are taking the Guppies up to the outlet stores to continue our warm weather wardrobe search.  G2 is very set with her shorts situation - as I found out when I washed/put away them all! - but is still in need of a few more things....mainly a few shirts and flip flops.  G1 needs more of everything unfortunately since almost everything she owns is long sleeved or long legged!  She now has two pairs of shorts but needs a couple more plus t-shirts and flip flops.  Papa is completely set on his wardrobe (Yay!).  And, I will be "looking" but probably won't be buying much if anything...besides SNEAKERS!  WE ALL NEED SNEAKERS!  I swear that when everyone takes their shoes off at night I need to fumigate the place!  LOL  
There is still a bit of money left from our last shopping excursion so that will be used.  Plus Papa & I put a little money away towards this expense as well.  Although I will be happy if we can keep most of it and put it towards other things.

That's what we will be up to today...Any good plans for your Saturday?


  1. If you head to westbrook outlets the vanity fair store is having a friends and family 20% sale....even sale prices

    1. We did go to Westbrook but Vanity Fair wasn't on our list of places to go. =(