Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slow Sunday....

This is totally how I feel today!  Completely WRECKED!  I would stay in my PJ's all day if I could but my dog wouldn't be too happy about not getting out for her walks!  =)

Yesterday it ended up being just G1 & me at the outlets....G2 has been battling a cold so I decided she and Papa could stay home and chill out - especially since, right now, it's G1 that needs the most for her wardrobe!  At first I was upset because we  ALL need sneakers but, after getting to the outlets and seeing that the Reebok store is going out of business and had virtually NOTHING left, I was happy that they stayed home since it would've been a waste of energy for G2.  Anyway, we did pretty well shopping wise but holy moly!  I got so exhausted from it!  I guess the days where I could go to the mall virtually all day long and come home with energy to spare are long gone!  LOL

  The weather forecasters have been doing a simply terrible job predicting the storm we are going to be getting later today into tomorrow.  At first they were calling for between ten to twelve inches of snow!  Then it went down to a coating to an inch...Now in the past twelve hours, not only have they changed the amount of snow to anywhere between two to five but more importantly the timing of the storm - now saying it won't taper off until 10 am Monday morning!  This stresses me because Papa has an interview Monday afternoon!  Let's hope that they at least got the temp for Monday right because they say it will get warm enough to melt rather quickly...The clearer the roads are the better!!

Today is going to be a slow kind of day for me.  Here is what I hope to get accomplished....

Laundry - especially Papa's white interview shirt!!
Work on this week's menu plan
Baking some "grab n go" weekday breakfast goodies
Possibly baking up some snacks/desserts

And, honestly besides having to cook lunch/dinner, that's about it.  I really need to try to recover from yesterday.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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