Wednesday, March 30, 2016

So Close.....

Before yesterday, I don't know which I would have considered worse:
1.  Not knowing Papa's success regarding interviews
2.  Having one get so close but slip right out of our hands

Now I am sure that #2 is unbelievably worse....

Papa had a couple of interviews last week.  One went extremely well and Papa was confident that he matched what the company wanted almost perfectly, including extensive knowledge of their computer system.  He viewed this job as his "safe" bet and thought the only hurdle we could possibly encounter was salary.  Sure there were some "Cons" to the job - most notably the fact that Papa would be stuck in a cubicle/office for about 90% of the day - but this job was a solid one and in a company that encouraged promoting from within as much as possible.

You know where I am going with this, don't you?

Yesterday afternoon, Papa received an email that the position had been filled.


Papa emailed the HR department back. He had to know what happened.  He was worried that something went wrong in the interview that he just had no clue about and wanted to know what he could do (interview wise) moving forward in his job search.  The HR guy asked Papa to call so they could talk on the phone.  And after what was said, I could see why HR wouldn't want any paper trail...

HR Guy confirmed Papa did amazing in his interview.  Out of the four people they saw about this position, he was by far the most qualified.  They were going to call him back for a second interview (read between the lines - negotiate salary/starting date/etc).  But, guess what happened?

An old employee moved back into the area and wanted a job.  This person was also an old college hockey buddy of the man who would have been Papa's boss.  So, because the old employee wanted back in and had such "good chemistry" with the boss, they hired the guy on the spot!  Say it with me everyone....

The "Good Ol' Boy Network is alive and well!

Yes, I guess I do sound bitter.  This one stings a little bit for both of us.  However, it was good for Papa's psyche to know that it wasn't anything he did or didn't do during his interview.

He has two more in person interviews this week - one today and one on Friday.  I am trying to push out the negativity and hope for the best with one of these two.  If not, then there are more on the horizon.  All we can do is keeping moving forward, right?

Have a great Hump Day!


  1. Oh, TrayceeBee, I am so sorry that this happened. I wish I could give you and Papa a hug right now. I had this happen to me also years ago so I know what that disappointment feels like. I remember calling and asking the same thing, "Did something go wrong?" And it was all about someone who knew the owner wanting the job. I remember wanting to shout at the lady "Why did you waste my time and yours?" It was a bit of a bitter pill to swallow at the time.
    I will say this: please take comfort in the fact that this just wasn't meant to be. I believe everything happens for a reason, and although this seemed like it was the (nearly) perfect job for your husband, just believe that there is something better out there for him. Maybe it is not the job of his dreams, but it is the one he is supposed to have and it's out there waiting for him somewhere. I will keep you guys in my prayers and keep my fingers crossed for Papa.
    Keep your chin up, Buttercup! Good things are ahead for you guys! :)

    1. Thank you Dawn! I'm sorry you had to know the frustration that he experienced! I think yours was a tad worse though since they did waste your time! This guy came in AFTER Papa interviewed so that at least helped...but only a little.
      Moving forward... We are definitely trying to stay positive! As he left this morning, I said "Have a good day" instead of "Good luck"....Maybe that's some kind of sign? LOL