Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Better Day & Updates

We spent the morning at the hospital where we got some good news....But first let me back up...

Papa's mother's surgery yesterday ended up being a minor set back in that there was a complication with the original surgery.  The sutures didn't hold and essentially the surgeons were back at square one repairing the area again (this time TRIPLE stapling it!)

Today we found her in a much better place.  She is stable with no further leakage.  And, the doctors decided to take out her breathing tube so she could breathe on her own again and communicate with us!  Her voice is very hoarse and weak but she is in good spirits.

She is scheduled for another (and hopefully the last for awhile!) surgery tomorrow where they will put in the colostomy bag and let the intestines heal.


While at the hospital, Papa got a phone call from Job #1 - they want him to meet with one final phone interview with someone he would be working with in about one year from now (should he get the job).  However, instead of doing a phone interview, Papa will just meet the person in the lobby of the hospital.  Why?  Because that's where Job #1 is!  I hadn't mention before (I don't think) but Job #1 is a position in a very large hospital handling the surgical supplies inventory (purchasing/forecasting/etc). 

While I am happy and relieved to have heard from them, I did want to have a full blown temper tantrum and scream "Show us the money already!"  LOL  Seriously, I think they are being super cautious because Papa doesn't come from a medical inventory background so the higher ups want to make sure everyone is happy with their choice for the position.  So far, Papa has been passing through with flying colors!  Let's hope that continues tomorrow!

I am beyond exhausted right now and can't seem to get enough sleep - although I am sleeping trust me!  I am proud of the fact that I haven't caved and bought take out even though I am running to and from the hospital and running the guppies to their things!  Dinners have been simple enough...

Spaghetti with tomatoes, basil, & garlic with Italian bread
Baked ham slices, mashed potatoes, buttered noodles, roasted asparagus
Pasta salad with veggies

And tonight will most likely be:
Puffed pancake, bacon, & diner style home fries

Nothing too interesting....Or too challenging.  But the food "fills the hole" so to speak and everyone is okay with it.  I have been making extra as well so the Guppies can grab stuff for lunches/snacks.

Really hoping things stabilize soon and next week can be back to business!  =)


  1. I'm just now getting caught up reading my favorite blogs. What a few days you have had! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for your MIL to get well and the job comes through!

    1. Thanks! And, yes, it's been quite an eventful week so far - I'll just be happy when my MIL's surgery is over on Thursday and we get hopefully good news!