Thursday, April 7, 2016

All This Trouble Over a Ball?

Thirty minutes after I dropped Guppy 1 at her job, she texted me.  She had been playing dodgeball with the kids (she is an aftercare counselor at a local elementary school) and got smacked in the nose by the ball....AGAIN!  This is the second time this has happened in the last four months or so.  First time, a kid threw is directly at her face (when she wasn't looking) on purpose!  This time it was another counselor who got her...but at least it was an accident.

Anyway, she wanted to have it checked out because this time it was gushing blood...Great, right?  At first I was hoping it was just because of her nose ring but nope she said it was bleeding out both nostrils.  Just wonderful.

So I picked her up and off to the MediQuick Clinic we went (on her job's dime).  After assessing that everything was in the "right place" and nothing was broken, G1 admitted to having a slight headache.  The doctor checked her pupil dilation (which was fine) and said it was "common" to have a headache after a ball to the face.


He wouldn't sign off that she could go back to work on Thursday!  WTH?!?!

He told us she should be "evaluated" by her physician once the headache went away.  WHAT?!?!

I explained that this was the second time this happened - we even joked about it in the examination room - and that the other time it happened, the doctor just signed off she could go back to work.  It was the same clinic but different doctor.

I couldn't get him to budge!

While I have a healthy amount of respect for everyone in the medical field, I am not afraid to stand up to a doctor when needed.  (Thank you Mom for being a nurse and making sure I remembered that I had a voice when dealing with doctors!)  But, this guy?  I don't know what his problem was.  As a matter of fact, his original paperwork stated that she should see her primary ONLY if symptoms persisted.

To quote my mom, "Yep, sounds like you got a real PR!%K of a doctor this time!".

Now G1 misses both days of work this week because I had to wait to have her seen on Thursday afternoon - when she was supposed to be at her job!

And, I am assuming that the job will get billed for this doctor visit too!

All so the doctor can take a look at her and check a tiny box on a piece of paper that says she can go back to work after school break.

Insanity, if you ask me! 


  1. That's nuts. But it's possible that if the first visit was covered under her job's worker's comp coverage, the second visit should be as well. Especially as a condition of THEIR doctor, G1 has to visit her PCP. It might be worth a phone call. And you could also ask if she will be reimbursed for work missed as a result of injury on the job. I don't know what kind of union or other benefits this position has or if the labor laws in Connecticut require certain conditions for employees, but it's something to think about. sorry it happened. I HATE when I get a bloody nose.

    1. Thanks Laura...She's fine. It was just a pain in the butt to have to drive her to her pedi office today. The pedi looked at her and was like "Wait, why are you here?" and she too thought the doctor not signing off to release her back to work was ridiculous.
      It should all be covered by workman's comp but it is just the principle of the issue you know?
      G21 isn't part of a union or anything like that but I do wonder if she could possibly get paid still since she got hurt on the job. Thanks for the idea!