Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Grocery Budget

Let's see how I did in the end!

At last posting, I still had $82.67 of my $400 grocery budget left to spend.

Yesterday I ran to Big Y and purchased the following:

1 bag (16 count) tortillas
3 packages of Udon noodles
9 (32 oz) bottles of PowerAde*

*buy1/get2 free  We kept 5 and brought 4 up to my brother in law when we went to the hospital to visit my mother in law.  It's much cheaper than having to purchase single serve drinks from the cafeteria or vending machines.*

Total Spent on this trip:  $20.33

Total Spent for April Groceries:  $337.66
Under budget by $62.34!!!

Now, this is definitely anomaly AND only happened because of our gifted Costco trip!  I knew this!  It's still nice to be "in the black" for a change with this.

Papa and I are stopping by the Farmer's Market this morning.  But, I am going to be "charging" that to the May budget because the food we purchase won't be consumed until Sunday anyway.

How did everyone else do with their grocery budgets this month?


  1. I just added up my totals and ended up $20 under budget!!! Woo Hoo!! I am so excited because I really didn't add everything up since the last half of the month. Glad you had a good month too!!!

  2. Ms. Sandie & Alison...Glad you were both under too! Maybe May I can do it withOUT any extra help! LOL