Friday, April 1, 2016

Back To Keeping Tabs on the Groceries!

It's April 1st - which means I am back to tracking groceries again!  (No April Fool's Joke either!)

I still have March receipts and will most likely attempt to update my spreadsheet with the numbers.  I know they are going to be awful - which is part of the reason why I keep putting it off.  The other part is that it's a LOT of work to try to input a full month's of grocery receipts at once - which is why I won't be letting THAT happen again...EVER!

I did a quick run to Stop & Shop yesterday since I was over on that side of town to pick up a library book anyway.  I am including this trip in April's budget since that's when the items will be used.

Stop & Shop

Drinks:  $18.98
3 12 packs of Pepsi products
2 packs of Crystal Light drink powders
1 6 pack of Snapple

Misc:  2.43
Bottle Deposits

Total Spent:  $21.41
Total left in April's Budget:  $378.59

Right now I am aiming for $400 or under for the month.  I am also *hoping* to complete a No Spend week during this month, if possible.

I am going to do my best to face March's epic grocery failures and then focus on each month as it comes.  I refuse to throw away my 2016 7K Grocery Challenge just because of one bad month!

Happy Friday!  And April Fool's Day to all you pranksters out there!


  1. I tracked my expenses last month and I was wayyyyy over budget. We spent $520 for 2 adults and 2 teens. In our defense, I had one kid recovering from pneumonia, one kid had a stomach virus and bronchitis (@ the same time) and husband had bronchitis as well. Comfort foods were a priority. Plus my daughter and I traveled out of town for a weekend long dance convention and we took most of our food with us.

    This month I'm aiming for $400. We have lots of extra expenses this month, so I'd love for this to be even lower.

    1. Stephanie,
      I hope everyone gets well and STAYS well in your house! And, I think you still did very well with your groceries considering all the illness at your house! And, you took your food with you to the dance convention and that was part of your overall grocery spending? Total win there in itself! You saved a ton on eating out!!!
      Good luck with your April target! I know you got this!! =)