Friday, April 29, 2016

Found Money Challenge: The Mother's Day Edition

Phew!  How is it that a month could go by so quickly yet feel like it dragged on and on at the same time?  One thing I have learned for certain....hospitals are a time suck!  However, I am grateful to be spending time at the hospital with my mother in law rather than at a funeral home so no more complaining about that!

Needless to say, I didn't tap into even half of the potential "found money" around my house this month.  In particular, there are two big things missing this month:

1.  Bottle Returns:  There have to be at least five bags waiting for me to process at the grocery store bottle redemption center.  Problem is you never know how long this will take.  Sometimes you have the machines to yourself and can fly through the ordeal - I swear I can be a well oiled machine when this happens!  Or, there could be a line of eight people in front of you jockeying for different machines.  There just didn't seem to be a large enough gap of time to try to accomplish this in April.

2. Consignment:  I have a rather large bin of things ready to haul off to the consignment store.  It's (shamefully) been there for so long that I now have to go through it again because I'm pretty sure they won't accept the lighter spring sweaters any longer!  It never got accomplished for the same reason as the bottle returns.  I put it off until the second half of April and then couldn't find enough time to get there since you never know what kind of line you are going to face.  Admittedly it is easier for me because I don't wait for any "returns".  If the shop doesn't want something, I have them donate it since I don't want to bring it back into the house.  But I am telling you guys the line to get to the consignment counter can be fierce sometimes!  So, it got put off.

However, if I can finally get my act together and take care of these things in the next week or so, May will be a bit more lucrative in the Found Money department!

So, what was I able to "find'/accomplish? And how does this correspond the Mother's Day?

Let me start by saying that I am not a big fan of Mother's Day.  I don't need a "day away" like some  moms enjoy nor do I need any expensive gifts.  Truthfully, the thing I enjoy most about the day is that I don't have to cook or do the dishes!  LOL  But, the Guppies (especially G2) insist I get something....

So, I dragged my butt over to the Coinstar kiosk in the grocery store.  It's never crowded and I knew it was something I could do quickly....

Coinstar: $34.16 Amazon Gift Card
A pretty nice chunk of change in my opinion!

Then, I decided to give up with trying to earn the $25 dollar gift card from SwagBucks.   I am having horrible luck with searches and surveys.  And, honestly, with such limited time this month, I just didn't put any effort at all into it.  That being said I did cash out some of my points...

Swagbucks:  $10.00 Amazon Gift Card


April Found Money Total:  $44.16


I made a "wish list" on Amazon with the planner I wanted to purchase and a few other planner style items.  I had picked up this planner last month at Michaels Crafts but put it back down because I didn't want to spend the money.  So glad I put it back and looked it up on Amazon!  Now everyone wins!  I get a planner I wanted along with a few "surprises" (I told Papa to pick whatever extras on the wish list he wanted), the Guppies are happy because a gift has been given, and we have little to no out of pocket expenses for my Mother's Day gift.

I love when things work out like this!

Happy Friday!

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