Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Good News All Around!!!

Full of great news this morning!!! 

First off, my mother in law is doing awesome!  She is exceeding all the doctors' expectations so far and will be moved out of the ICU to a regular floor very soon!  She is definitely back to being "Mom" again now that the breathing tube has been removed and she can talk!  I had a very nice conversation with her on Sunday afternoon.  Papa went to the hospital yesterday afternoon alone (I had to stay home to wait for a possible FedEx package - which didn't come and means I will be stuck here all day today now too!).  Papa said that she is continuing in the right direction so yay to that!

The other reason that I am unbelievably happy today is that.....

Papa got a job offer from Job #1!!!!!

It's the one at the hospital that he truly wanted!  It's closer to home, has better benefits, better hours, and a job in which he would be making a difference!

We got the call yesterday afternoon and right now they are still in salary negotiations.  They came in a lot lower than Papa expected so he reiterated how much he wants this job but was hoping for a bit more.  Human Resources agreed (after looking at his salary history) and went back to the Compensation Department to see what they would/could do. 

If they say that is the highest they will go, we decided that Papa would still take the job and we would make it work.  I am so okay with it putting us back to where we were (monetarily) with his last job. This one has tons of room for potential growth and, like I said, he would be happy at the hospital!

Once the salary stuff is ironed out we will find out the starting date and then after a month of employment he will be eligible for insurance....

Is it weird that I am actually kind of excited to be able to see my neurologist again? 

And, maybe even more weird, that I can't wait to get back to monthly fixed budgeting!

Hope you are all having as FANTASTIC a day as I am!

And thank you so very much for all the support over the past six(ish) months!


  1. Good news all around. Now all our blogger friends can start praying for my DH to find a job too!

    1. Oh Sandie! Definitely! And I'm sure your DH will find a better situation too!

  2. WONDERFUL News, TrayceeBee!! I am so happy for you, for Papa and for your Mother-In-Law's returning health! Thank you for sharing these blessings with us! ((Hugs to you all!))
    Ms. Sandie, know that there are prayers going out for your husband's job search too. :)

    1. Thank you! And we are all pulling for the wonderful Ms. Sandie and her DH!!!

  3. Love all the great news. The best things come to those that are patient and I know that you have all been waiting and wondering when the right job would come!! Yeah!! Bonus with healthy relatives! Awesome news :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, I think you were one of the ones who were telling me that being patient would pay off, weren't you? LOL