Sunday, April 24, 2016

Health & Beauty Freebies

When I met my parents at Costco yesterday, they also brought me a nice bag full of health & beauty style goodies.  I have an uncle who works at Schick and is always bringing home free supplies and passing them on to my parents.  They were given so much this past time that they decided to pass some onto us!

Here is what was inside the bag:

13 Schick Intuition Women's cartridge refills
1 package (6 razors) Schick Xtreme 3 for Women
1 Quattro Women's razor with 4 extra blades in a travel case
1 (4 pack) Quattro Women's blades
3 packs (10 blades each) Silk Effects Women's blades
1 package (10 razors) Schick Slim Twin for Men
1 Quattro for Men razor with 4 extra blades
11 packs (4 blades each pack) Xtreme 3 for Men
2 Men's Right Guard deodorants

With Summer right around the corner and all of us now shaving, this was a very nice and appreciated haul!  My guess is that I won't be buying any razors/blades for at least a year!

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  1. Vthats an amazing haul! We have a college friend who works at Bic and they always gift us great razors & mechanical pencils....they know my kids prefer them for math (actually one math teacher requires their use - less sharpening and always a sharp point for graphing)